Planning Admin Charges

Payments to be made online or by BACS only.

Email requests to

Fees quoted are basic fees. More complex requests will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Planning history search

  • £4 per address – response provided within 24 hours
  • £2 per address – response provided in 3 working days

Research into conditions, permitted development, several addresses

  • £27.50 basic fee

Copies of S106 Agreements – via land charges department

  • £27.50

Decision notices and plans

Provided in 3 working days unless it requires more searching or work than usual (to be advised).

  • Recent decision notice/no search required – free
  • A list given of decision notices required – £13 first decision £7 per additional
  • One decision notice from Microfiche slide – £13 each
  • One decision notice from Microfiche slide plus plans (all on one slide) – £27.50
  • Scanning more than one slide – as above plus £13 per additional slide
  • Plans and documents from a request – £13 per reference

Enquiries for evidence that conditions have been discharged

  • £34 householders
  • £116 all others

Written confirmation of compliance

S106 and CIL obligation enquiries

  • £27.50 per enquiry

TPO Documents

  • £27.50 per copy of TPO
Last updated on 18/07/2022