Reading affordable rent levels 2023

Reading’s Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (adopted March 2021) sets a ‘Reading affordable rent’ tenure, which should make up at least 62% of onsite affordable housing provision. ‘Reading affordable rent’ is the capped rental level for the rented portion of an onsite affordable housing contribution and is set at 70% of market rents.

The Affordable Housing SPD gives rental levels for 2019-20 in Appendix 3, and states that the council will publish a revised schedule on its website on an annual basis to guide applicants and developers. The revised figures for 2023 are set out below. These should be used as a guide only and may require more detailed or up-to-date information.

SizeCurrent market rent (median) per monthCurrent market rent (median) per weekReading affordable rent per monthReading affordable rent per week
1 bed£950£219.23£665£153.46
2 bed£1,388£320.31£971.60£224.22
3 bed£1,600£369.23£1,120£258.46
4 bed£1,900£438.46£1,330£306.92
Last updated on 08/02/2023