Transport Development Control

Reading Transport Model

The Reading Transport Model (RTM) allows us to identify the optimum solutions in meeting the challenges of growing transport demand and to forecast the impact of transport schemes on the local economy, environment and across different social groups. Through it, transport schemes can be assessed for their operational merit and economic appraisals can forecast the long-term monetised benefits of a proposal and compare it to its initial and ongoing costs. The RTM also allows us to test the impact of planning and development proposals on transport and can determine which schemes merit further investigation.

Reading Transport Model – Local Model Validation Report

The Local Model Validation Report summarises the methodology which has been adopted in order to build and validate a base year SATURN model of Reading with a base year of 2015.

Reading Transport Model – Highway Model Forecast Report

The Highway Model Forecast Report develops a traffic model with a base year of 2015 and future years of 2021 and 2031 that will be used to test the relative effects of transport infrastructure schemes and development proposals within the Reading area.

Transport planning protocol

The protocol for use of transport models gives advice to designers, advisers and others on using the Reading transport model, and other transport models, prepared by, or on behalf of, the Council.

Classified roads – design guide

If you wish to create a new residential vehicular access onto a classified road or a commercial access onto an adopted road then the access / junction should be designed in accordance with the Council’s Geometric Design Guidance.

Last updated on 14/06/2022