Registration Service Data Privacy Notice

The identity and contact details of the company

Reading Register Office, Reading Borough Council, Ground Floor, Civic Offices, Bridge Street, Reading, RG1 2LU.

Contact details of the Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer: Nayana George

What Personal Data is held?

Births/Deaths/Marriages and civil partnerships/Citizenship ceremonies:

  • place of birth, death or ceremony;
  • full name;
  • date or birth (and/or death, where appropriate);
  • address;
  • email address;
  • telephone number;
  • nationality;
  • job title;
  • time and venue of appointment.

General enquiries: information relating to the enquiry or complaint; name; contact email; telephone number; address.

Please note this list is not exhaustive and other details may be required at times.

How will the data be stored?

Data is stored on a database on encrypted computers.

What is the legal basis for the collection, use and storage of the data?

Collecting this information allows the service to manage customer demand and to deliver a timely service to residents. Acts governing this work are: Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953; Marriage Act 1949; and the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

Give details of how long the data will be stored and criteria used to determine this?

Nature of recordRetention periodAction at end of periodRelevant legislationReason
Appointment bookings on electronic system1 yearDestroyedBest practiceOperational need
Email and web contact/general enquiries1 month Destroyed Best practice Operational need
Re-registration details:
Pending cases
Completed cases

3 years
3 months
Destroyed Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953Statutory
Disposal spreadsheetUntil death is registered Destroyed Best practice Operational need
Correction spreadsheet and paperwork3 years Destroyed Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953Statutory
Citizenship ceremony spreadsheets5 years Destroyed Home Office GuidanceArticle 6(1)(b) – contract

Who will it be shared with and for what purpose?

Data is retained for the fulfilment of the appointment. Appointment and ceremony bookings are made in advance and are finished after the booking has been fulfilled. After which, data is used for statistical purposes and to refer back to if required.

How can the service user get access to it?

A Subject Access Request can be made.

State whether any data is to be transferred outside the EU?

No data will be shared outside of the EU.

Is processing based on consent?


If you do not consent to us holding your data then we would not be able to offer you and appointment to deliver the statutory birth, death and marriage services.

What other rights does the service user have?

The right to have their data corrected, the right to have their data deleted in certain circumstances, and their right to put a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

State if there will be any automated decision making

We do not use automated decision making.

Last updated on 19/04/2024