Risk management

“Our aim is to identify, analyse and appropriately manage potential threats and opportunities posed by risk.”

Risk management is the process that helps the council identify and deal with the key strategic risks that arise in the pursuit of our goals; this can be at project or service level, all the way through to the organisation as a whole.

Our Risk Management Policy “Strong risk management arrangements are essential to managing the risks associated with achieving our ambitions and delivering our Corporate Plan objectives. To achieve this, management of risk is integral to our culture.

We recognise that we live in an uncertain world and that risk is present in everything we do to improve outcomes and deliver services. We also appreciate that our communities and partners encounter a wide range of significant risks during their activities.”

We recognised that “Risk Management affects all parts of the council’s business and the strategic and operational decisions made at all levels across the council.”

The risks that Reading Borough Council examines through this process include, although not limited to: Business Continuity, Community, Economic, Environmental, Health and Safety, Information Management, Legal / Regulatory, Partnerships, Reputational, Staffing, Technology / IT, Political, Social, Physical Assets, Contractual, operational and Transformation risks.

The Risk Management Policy & Procedure sets out how the council will effectively identify and manage potential threats and opportunities to achieving our Corporate Plan and associated activities

Last updated on 17/10/2023