2024 Parliamentary Election Results

Reading Central Borough

Electorate: 73,600
Total votes cast: 45,519
Turnout: 61.8%
Spoilt: 216

GILLMAN Adam Wayne JosephTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition221
MCELROY DaveThe Green Party6,417
RODDA MattLabour Party21,598elected
SINGH RajThe Conservative Party Candidate8,961
TURBERVILLE Michael JeffreyIndependent227
WILLIAMS AndrewReform UK3,904
WRIGHT Henry DavidLiberal Democrats3,963

Reading West and Mid Berkshire

Total votes cast: 46,662
Turnout: 67.8%
Spoilt: 151

ABBS Adrian NeilIndependent562
BAILEY Olivia JoannaLabour Party16,273elected
BELCHER Helen ClareLiberal Democrats5,103
BOSLEY Kathrin AnneReform UK6,260
CULVER Carolyne LindseyThe Green Party3,169
MACKINNON RossThe Conservative Party Candidate14,912
PEPPIATT AdieIndependent272

Earley and Woodley

Turnout: 63.21%

HUNTER Alastair IanSocial Democratic Party784
JORGENSEN Pauline AlisonThe Conservative Party Candidate17,361
MAHER TahirLiberal Democrats6,142
SHACKLADY Gary NicholasThe Green Party3,418
YANG YuanThe Labour Party18,209elected
Last updated on 05/07/2024