Local election results – 5 May 2022

Turnout: 34.57%

Total seats: 48

Labour: 32
Green: 7
Conservative: 6
Liberal Democrat: 3


Electorate: 6,396
Total votes cast: 4,285
Turnout: 24%
Spoilt: 7

AYUB MohammedLabour Party861Yes
BAZLEY Simon JamesConservative Party Candidate269
BRENNAN JimConservative Party Candidate314
DARBY Howard JohnThe Green Party450
GOSS Stephen JamesConservative Party Candidate288
PAGE TonyLabour Party876Yes
ROWLAND Karen JeanLabour Party936Yes
WARD ChristopherLiberal Democrats291


Electorate: 7,412
Total votes cast: 5,978
Turnout: 27%
Spoilt: 15

GRIFFITH Wendy Pamela Labour Party1330Yes
GROUT John Berkeley Liberal Democrats267
HACKER Sarah Labour Party1410Yes
HARLING Callum LouisThe Green Party422
HEY Michael Cornelius VinerConservative Party Candidate308
KHAN Gul Muwaz Labour Party1180Yes
MURRAY John TattersallConservative Party Candidate287
SHEPPARD LizzyConservative Party Candidate288


Electorate: 7,614
Total votes cast: 9,750
Turnout: 43%
Spoilt: 14

BALLSDON Andrew JamesConservative Party Candidate895
BINGE IanConservative Party Candidate771
ENGLAND Juliet LaetitiaLiberal Democrats545
GAVIN JanLabour Party1622Yes
LANZONI JacopoLabour Party1915Yes
NEWMAN Sally AnneThe Green Party873
SAADAT Saadia ZafarConservative Party Candidate704
YEO MattLabour Party1793Yes

Caversham Heights

Electorate: 7,521
Total votes cast: 11,281
Turnout: 50%
Spoilt: 14

BALLSDON Isobel Rosalind NortonConservative Party Candidate1629Yes
BUCKLEY MattLabour Party1141
BURDEN Christopher Simon  Liberal Democrats741
CARNELL Paul Alan Conservative Party Candidate1340Yes
DUHAN Vikram JeetLabour Party974
KITCHINGHAM SueLabour Party1343Yes
LUCKETT DaveConservative Party Candidate1283
MCNAMARA DannyThe Green Party901
RAMSAY Joanna ElizabethLiberal Democrats937
WEIR Thomas David DouglasLiberal Democrats421


Electorate: 8,232
Total votes cast: 7,269
Turnout: 29%
Spoilt: 3

BOARDLEY Peter Howard Liberal Democrats296
HARLING MikeThe Green Party381
HORNSBY-SMITH AndrewLabour Party1277Yes
MCEWAN Ruth Margaret SuenLabour Party1337Yes
MUGO James MwanikiConservative Party Candidate842
PHELPS Adam IestynConservative Party Candidate755
SEVILLE Alanzo NestaConservative Party Candidate663
WOODWARD Paul RichardLabour Party1156Yes


Electorate: 7,013
Total votes cast: 7,081
Turnout: 34%
Spoilt: 10

EMBERSON Ellie  Labour Party1529Yes
GITTINGS Paul Stephen Labour Party1335Yes
HOSKINS Isobel Claire The Green Party529
MCMAHON David JamesConservative Party Candidate509
SHEPHERD MasConservative Party Candidate457
SIMS Benjamin FrancisLiberal Democrats403
TAYLOR Grace HollyConservative Party Candidate508
TERRY LizLabour Party1368Yes

Emmer Green

Electorate: 7,595
Total votes cast: 9,596
Turnout: 42%
Spoilt: 13

ABDALLA Mazin KhalidThe Green Party888
DE BOISERIE Pieter  Liberal Democrats698
DIMMICK Robert Stephen  Labour Party1235
JONES RachelLabour Party1123
KRETCHMER Harry John GeorgeConservative Party Candidate1299Yes
MIDDLETON LenLabour Party858
MITCHELL Clarence EdenConservative Party Candidate1380Yes
ROBINSON Simon HowardConservative Party Candidate1372Yes


Electorate: 7,632
Total votes cast: 6,960
Turnout: 31%
Spoilt: 8

BELDERBOS Edward Michael Otto Conservative Party Candidate260
CHALLENGER Liam Clifford Jefferson Labour Party1025Yes
CRESSWELL DougThe Green Party1002Yes
HUGHES Daniel JamesConservative Party Candidate243
KEANE Louise KayeThe Green Party1177Yes
MATHEW George CharlesLabour Party789
MCNEILL MargaretLiberal Democrats182
MILNER MikeConservative Party Candidate238
NAZ MamunaLabour Party801
NIKULINA KateThe Green Party952


Electorate: 6,759
Total votes cast: 8,145
Turnout: 40%
Spoilt: 21

BARKER Jonathan Peter  Liberal Democrats316
DENNIS Glenn AnthonyLabour Party1322Yes
FUDGE NickConservative Party Candidate1017
HEARST CarolineThe Green Party357
KEEPING MarkLabour Party1236Yes
RYNN JennyConservative Party Candidate1105
SINGH RajConservative Party Candidate1120Yes
SMITH BrentThe Green Party268
STEVENS David BryanLabour Party1091


Electorate: 7,633
Total votes cast: 6,723
Turnout: 29%
Spoilt: 15

BOTTOM Jen Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition114
DENNIS Colette Lolita Labour Party1286Yes
ELLIS Luke ThomasConservative Party Candidate473
GIBERT Dorothy AnneLiberal Democrats271
GULLIVER Alan JohnIndependent180
HOSKIN Graeme WilliamLabour Party1319Yes
LOVELOCK JoLabour Party1390Yes
OKEYO ZachConservative Party Candidate422
ROWE SuzanneConservative Party Candidate439
WALKEM Richard PeterThe Green Party419


Electorate: 7,111
Total votes cast: 8,880
Turnout: 42%
Spoilt: 30

ALLEN SheldonLabour Party1083
DODSON Chris Liberal Democrats120
GILPIN AndyLabour Party982
HAYWOOD NikiConservative Party Candidate224
MCGONIGLE Brenda JoanneThe Green Party1607Yes
O’BRIEN Nathan SeanConservative Party Candidate200
PATEL SagarConservative Party Candidate195
WHITE RobThe Green Party1736Yes
WILLIAMS JoshThe Green Party1504Yes
WILLIAMSON Oliver NathanLabour Party950


Electorate: 8,206
Total votes cast: 8,309
Turnout: 34%
Spoilt: 52

CARNELL AllisonConservative Party Candidate282
COBB MargLabour and Co-operative Party1148
CROSS WillLabour and Co-operative Party1193Yes
HAWALDAR Shivraj Conservative Party Candidate242
HOLDEN Simon JohnConservative Party Candidate243
JAKEMAN Francis DavidLiberal Democrats180
MCCANN Kathryn ElizabethThe Green Party1308Yes
MCELROY David JamesThe Green Party1246Yes
TARAR Amjad Iqbal TahirLabour and Co-operative Party1057
WHITHAM JamieThe Green Party1156


Electorate 7755
Turn out 32%
Total votes cast: 7437
Spoilt: 36

ADAMS Neil RobertTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition85
BLACKMORE Ben Michael Brereton Conservative Party Candidate578
BROCK Jason NicholasLabour Party1424Yes
EDWARDS DebsLabour Party1569Yes
ENNIS John JosephLabour Party1356Yes
KIRKBY Gabriella VictoriaConservative Party Candidate651
MANCUSO-MARCELLO Riccardo GiovanniLiberal Democrats283
VICKERS Robert DouglasConservative Party Candidate609
WATCHMAN Sarah LeighThe Green Party408


Electorate: 5,574
Total votes cast: 5,908
Turnout: 35%
Spoilt: 17

BARNETT-WARD Adele Victoria Labour Party1272Yes
COSTA-KROL Vania Liberal Democrats294
COZENS David JamesConservative Party Candidate466
DAVIES Richard EdwardLabour Party1143Yes
PARSONS DaisyConservative Party Candidate438
SOW Abdoulaye DioumaConservative Party Candidate354
SULTAN NusratLabour Party1027Yes
WEST Anthea HelenThe Green Party507


Electorate: 8,206
Total votes cast: 8,309
Turnout: 34%
Spoilt: 52

BERRY-KHAN Gabriel The Green Party272
BYRNE Casey George ChristopherConservative Party Candidate633
FRAIN Russell Lee Conservative Party Candidate586
HAYAT SikandarLabour Party400
MOORE James William JohnLiberal Democrats1160Yes
O`CONNELL MeriLiberal Democrats1427Yes
PERRY-STONE BenjaminLabour Party410
POWERS Malcolm GeoffreyLabour Party406
THOMPSON AnneLiberal Democrats1129Yes
VICKERS Sandra DoreenConservative Party Candidate634


Electorate: 7,622
Total votes cast: 5,871
Turnout: 26%
Spoilt: 9

AFOLABI Femi DavidConservative Party Candidate450
BROWN Nick Conservative Party Candidate484
EDEN Rachel Claire  Labour Party1285Yes
GOEL Vani  Conservative Party Candidate406
LENG MickyLabour Party1153Yes
MPOFU-COLES AliceLabour Party1087Yes
SMITH Kathleen AnneThe Green Party300
WESTBY Ian CharlesLiberal Democrats217
Last updated on 29/06/2022