Local election results – 6 May 2021

Turnout: 35.96%


Electorate: 10,212
Total votes cast: 2,832
Turnout: 27.73%
Spoilt: 29

COZENS David James The Conservative Party Candidate689
DARBY Howard John The Green Party432
PAGE Tony Labour Party1,444Yes
THOMPSON Anne   Liberal Democrats238


Electorate: 8,121
Total votes cast: 2,246
Turnout: 27.66%
Spoilt: 29

AWOLOLA Yemi  Independent99
GROUT John BerkeleyLiberal Democrats170
HEY Michael Cornelius Viner   The Conservative Party Candidate 472
KHAN Gul Muwaz Labour Party1,168Yes
WATCHMAN Sarah Leigh The Green Party308


Electorate: 7,411
Total votes cast: 3,136
Turnout: 42.32%
Spoilt: 24

BINGE Ian The Conservative Party Candidate906
DAVIES Richard Edward   Labour Party1,480Yes
FULBROOK Sara Ann Independent128
NEWMAN Sally Anne The Green Party407
SKELTON Damian John Alexander  Social Democratic Party17
WARD Christopher Liberal Democrats174


Electorate: 6,893
Total votes cast: 2,152
Turnout: 31.22%
Spoilt: 11

COLE Mark Clifford Liberal Democrats106
MCCANN Kathryn ElizabethGreen Party220
PEARCE AshleyLabour Party995Yes
PHELPS Adam Iestyn   The Conservative Party Candidate 820


Electorate: 7,402
Total votes cast: 2,305
Turnout: 31.14%
Spoilt: 26

KEANE Louise KayeGreen Party868
MCNEILL Margaret    Liberal Democrats  93
PASCUAL Jean-Louis  Independent36
SOW Abdoulaye Diouma   Conservative Party Candidate344
WILLIAMS Rose Labour and Co-operative Party938Yes


Electorate: 7,361
Total votes cast: 2,731
Turnout: 37.10%
Spoilt: 21

COSTER GaryLiberal Democrats198
FUDGE Nick The Conservative Party Candidate 1,135
SINGH Daya Pal Labour Party 1,173Yes
WEST Anthea Helen The Green Party204


Electorate: 2,520
Total votes cast: 1,415
Turnout: 56.15%
Spoilt: 10

BALLSDON Isobel Rosalind Norton   The Conservative Party Candidate 724Yes
BURDEN Chris Liberal Democrats330
DEMBELE Bouba Labour Party208
SMITH Brent   The Green Party143


Electorate: 7,766
Total votes cast: 2,833
Turnout: 36.48%
Spoilt: 29

HOSKINS Isobel Claire  The Green Party352
SEVILLE Alanzo Nesta The Conservative Party Candidate904
SIMS Ben Liberal Democrats292
TERRY Liz   Labour and Co-operative Party 1,256Yes


Electorate: 7,774
Total votes cast: 2,344
Turnout: 30.15%
Spoilt: 13

ADAMS Neil Robert  Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 21
GRAHAM Stephen Anthony  The Liberal Party Candidate And Local Resident 23
LOVELOCK Jo   Labour Party 1,301Yes
MOORE James William John  Liberal Democrats 114
OKEYO Zachary Osano Kute The Conservative Party Candidate683
WALKEM Richard Peter The Green Party191


Electorate: 7,301
Total votes cast: 3,245
Turnout: 44.45%
Spoilt: 19

DODSON ChristopherLiberal Democrats79
JONES Abi The Conservative Party Candidate 263
MCGONIGLE Brenda Joanne  The Green Party 1,631Yes
TARAR Amjad Iqbal Tahir  Labour and Co-operative Party 1,253

Peppard (2 seats)

Electorate: 7,513
Total votes cast: 3,432
Turnout: 45.68%
Spoilt: 2

CRESSWELL DougGreen Party528
DE BOISERIE Pieter Herman Marie-Madeleine Liberal Democrats 359
DENNY James Patrick  Labour Party 1005
MCNAMARA Sarah Frances   The Green Party 248
MITCHELL Clarence Eden The Conservative Party Candidate 1457Yes
PERRY Benjamin Andrew Labour Party765
RUANE Vincent Joseph Reform UK 81
SMART Hilary Jane Liberal Democrats 0
STANFORD-BEALE Jane Elizabeth   The Conservative Party Candidate 1498Yes


Electorate: 6,646
Total votes cast: 2,433
Turnout: 36.61%
Spoilt: 22

HORNSBY-SMITH Andrew Labour and Co-operative Party 999
JAKEMAN Francis David   Liberal Democrats84
MCELROY David James   The Green Party 1,009Yes
NATARAJAN Shekhar  The Conservative Party Candidate 319


Electorate: 6,814
Total votes cast: 2,394
Turnout: 35.13%
Spoilt: 26

EDWARDS Debs Labour Party1,303Yes
FEROZ Asad   The Green Party 166
KIRKBY Gabriella Victoria The Conservative Party Candidate814
MANCUSO-MARCELLO Riccardo Giovanni  Liberal Democrats 85


Electorate: 7,476
Total votes cast: 3,857
Turnout: 51.59%
Spoilt: 37

CARNELL Paul Alan The Conservative Party Candidate 1,561Yes
MCARTHUR Caroline Sarah Joanne   Labour Party1,221
MCNAMARA Danny The Green Party 419
RAMSAY Joanna Elizabeth   Liberal Democrats 619


Electorate: 7,389
Total votes cast: 2,735
Turnout: 37.01%
Spoilt: 19

BERRY-KHAN Gabriel  The Green Party 113
BOTTOM Jen Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 29
O`CONNELL Meri  Liberal Democrats 1,218Yes
SINGH Indy   Labour Party 412
VARLEY Jay  The Conservative Party Candidate 944


Electorate: 9,680
Total votes cast: 2,439
Turnout: 25.20%
Spoilt: 18

MPOFU-COLES Alice  Labour and Co-operative Party 1,326Yes
SANI Bala Mohaman  Independent84
SHEPPARD Elizabeth Grace The Conservative Party Candidate748
SMITH Kathy The Green Party 156
WESTBY Ian   Liberal Democrats 107
Last updated on 06/08/2021