Schemes for financing schools – section 7


7.1 Value added tax

Schools are required to complete a monthly return of expenditure and income showing the amount of VAT incurred and any VAT arising for services supplied by schools. In respect of VAT incurred, schools must hold a valid VAT invoice to support their claim.

On receipt of the monthly return the Authority will reclaim the net VAT and arrange for the school to be reimbursed.

VAT cannot be recovered on expenditure by the governors of a voluntary aided school when carrying out their statutory responsibilities to maintain the external fabric of their buildings.

Schools should seek advice of the Chief Finance Officer in relation to VAT if there is any doubt as to how a particular transaction should be treated.

7.2 CIS (Construction Industry Taxation Scheme)

Schools are required to agree a procedure with the Chief Finance Officer to enable any expenditure they incur to which the Construction Industry Taxation Scheme (CIS) applies to be correctly accounted for. For many schools this can be achieved by asking the Chief Finance Officer to make such payments.

Last updated on 08/01/2020