Electric car charging

We have prepared a draft Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) Strategy for Reading and will be undertaking a public consultation on the strategy. Following feedback through this consultation the EVCI Strategy will be adopted later in the year.

Charging points

The following 3.6kW charging points are installed in lamp columns on residential streets and are operated by Joju.

  • St Bartholomews Road x 2
  • Manchester Road x2
  • Coventry Road x3
  • Filey Road x1
  • Caversham Road x2
  • Wantage Road x3
  • Anstey Road x1
  • East Street x1

The charge points are operated using the Joju Charging app. You can download these from the App Store or Google Play.

Download the IOS app

Download the Android app

There are also fast 22kW charge points operated by Mer available at

  • Chester Street Car Park
  • Thames Promenade Car Park
  • Kensington Road Car Park

These can be used by downloading the Mer App at the App Store or Google Play or by registering on the Mer website.

Other publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging points are available at the following locations in the Reading urban area:

In addition the national network of charge points can be viewed here.

Suggest an EV charging point

Reading Borough Council is aware that the lack of off-street parking is a barrier to the adoption of EVs for many people in the borough because it means that people are unable to charge their vehicle from home. The Council are developing a strategy to help provide EV charging infrastructure across the borough. In order to identify locations where there is already demand for EV charging infrastructure please suggest an EV charging point here.

Did you know:

While the initial upfront purchase price of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle can be higher, this is offset by lower running costs over the lifetime of the vehicle. Plug-in cars offer a number of potential savings compared to conventional vehicles including:

A full charge in a pure electric vehicle will give a typical range of over 100 miles and will cost approximately £4-6 if charging at home, and £8-10 if using public charging points. Driving 100 miles in a petrol or diesel car will cost around £13-16 in fuel, which can be three or four times more than the cost of charging the electric car. The cost savings will be most significant when owners charge at home and have access to an off-peak overnight electricity tariff

More information on the benefits of electric vehicles.

Last updated on 03/08/2023