Challenge a PCN

If you wish to challenge a penalty charge notice (PCN) you must select one of the contravention codes below. 

The code will be printed on your PCN. 

The contravention code shows the reason you’ve received a PCN.

This is not a comprehensive list of codes. If your contravention code is not shown you can still challenge the PCN here. You must provide evidence to support why you believe you should not have received a PCN. We review each case. Please note, you are not guaranteed to have your PCN cancelled.

Challenge the PCN

When submitting your challenge, you must provide copies of any supporting evidence. You will also need to fully explain your reason for challenging the PCN. If your challenge or representation has been made within the discount period, this will still be re-offered if your case is rejected (subject to the outcome of your representation).

You will need to quote:

  • the PCN number (RG xxxx xxxx)
  • the vehicle registration number
  • your address
  • your telephone or mobile number

Last updated on 24/08/2022