Adding and changing your vehicle

If you would like to make a vehicle change on your account to allow for another car to be parked, first log in to your account. 

Once logged in, you will then need to add your new vehicle to your account by going to your name in the top right hand corner of the screen and selecting ‘Vehicles’.

Shows right hand side of permit account screen with drop down showing four options: Bookings, Vehicles, Account and Log out. The 'Vehicles' is shown as selected by a red box around it.

Once open, you can select the ‘Add Vehicle’ in the top right-hand corner to add a new vehicle to your account. Please be aware that this will not change the vehicle on the permit, this will only make this available to be selected. 

Once your vehicle has been added, go the ‘Bookings’ section of the right-hand side of the window. This will bring up your active and pending permits. Once a permit has been approved, selecting the three blue dots on the right-hand side of the booking will allow you to select ‘Change Vehicle’. 

You will then be asked to confirm the vehicle that is being changed and submit any relevant documentation related to the change and the permit. 

Last updated on 01/11/2023