Medical practitioner permits

Members of clinical, health and social care professions who duties necessitate parking within a permit parking zone for the direct benefit of the residents of those zones may apply for a permit. A £48 fee applies; proof of medical practitioner status, vehicle ownership and statement of reasons for applying required.

Please ensure the practice address is used, not your home address.

Proof of ownership of vehicle

Only one proof required

  • DVLA registration document (V5C)
  • Current insurance certificate/schedule

Proof of medical practitioner status

Confirmation of employment as a medical practitioner; medical practitioners general practice number or completed application form with practice stamp, or letter on headed paper signed by senior partner/manager at relevant practice.

Statement of reasons

Each applicant must explain the reasons for applying for a medical practitioners permit. This must include the purpose of your visits, how long a visit (on average) to a patient takes, why the alternatives are not suitable (e.g. the non-permit parking spaces in the zones) and any other information you feel is important in helping us decide your application. The more detailed your reasons for applying, the more information the council can use to decide your application. Failure to provide this information or supplying inadequate information, will delay the processing of your application. (Please note: we are not asking for the personal details of your patients)

Last updated on 02/04/2024