Nanny discretionary permits

Resident households may apply for discretionary nanny permit; charged at £364; proof of nanny status, residency, vehicle ownership and statement of reasons required.

Proof of vehicle ownership

Only one proof required showing the vehicle is registered to the nanny at a different address.

  • DVLA registration document (V5C)
  • Current insurance certificate/schedule

Proof of residency

Only one required showing name and address of resident, dated within last 4 months

  • Bank statement
  • Credit card bill/store card statement
  • Gas/electric/telephone bill (mobile phone bills excluded)
  • Current Council Tax bill

Proof of nanny status

Only one required showing the nanny is qualified/registered or if the nanny is a family member/friend, proof there is a child at the address.

  • Qualified/registered nanny status
  • Birth certificate
  • Child benefit/tax credits (with address)

Statement of reasons

This should include reasons why you are applying for a discretionary permit, the difficulties you have encountered with parking. The more detailed your reasons for applying, the more information the council can use to decide your application.