Temporary permits

Temporary permits may be needed if:

  • you change your vehicle,
  • you have a temporary vehicle while your car is off the road or
  • when you have just moved into a residents parking zone

They are 8-week permits, only one issued and the charge is £19. You will need to apply again for your full residents permit a minimum of 28 days before your temporary permit expires.

Temporary permits are now digital. Applications will be reviewed within 24 hours on weekdays but on the next working day after weekends/bank holidays.

The proofs required depend on the reason for your application:

For new vehicles:

Acceptable proofs are: a car sales invoice or temporary insurance cover note or the V5C/2 section of the DVLA registration document known as the New Keeper Supplement.

Please note that if you already hold residents’ permits for your household and purchase a new vehicle before disposing of one of the existing, permit-holding vehicles, you cannot have a new permit for the new vehicle until you have surrendered one of the existing permits. During this time, you should make alternative arrangements for parking your vehicle outside of a permit parking zone or use your daily visitors permits.

For temporary vehicles:

You will need to provide proof of the temporary change, i.e.: hire/courtesy car agreement or letter of confirmation from the garage.

For moving house:

Acceptable proofs of residence are: a mortgage offer letter, solicitor’s completion letter or tenancy agreement. N.B. Tenancy agreements are not acceptable proofs for a full permit.

Acceptable proofs of vehicle ownership for moving into a property are: the DVLA registration document or Insurance schedule/certificate to show proof of ownership or entitlement to the use of the vehicle to be identified on the permit.

Moving in – temporary permit requirements

If you are moving into a household and have not held a residents parking permit and do not have any proofs acceptable for a (full) residents parking permit, the following proofs will be acceptable for a temporary permit: mortgage offer letter, a solicitor’s completion letter or a tenancy agreement as proof of residence. You will also need a DVLA registration document, an insurance schedule/certificate or proof of entitlement to the use of the vehicle as proof of vehicle ownership (this does not have to show the permit address, as this is only a temporary permit application).

If you are issued a temporary permit, you must make your full application at least 28 days before your temporary permit expires.

The permit database will default to show the available permit at the address. If your permit defaults to the higher price tier or you are being charged for visitor permits that you believe should be issued free of charge, it may be that a previous resident has not cancelled their permits and they are still valid at the address.

If you believe these permits were issued to a previous resident, we may be able to cancel these for you if the following information is provided to us.

If you are renting your property

We require the confirmation from the landlord or letting agent to e-mail residents.parking@reading.gov.uk. The e-mail needs to contain the name(s) of the last tenant(s) and the dates that they vacated the property to enable us to cancel any existing permits at the property.

The names provided to us must match our records before we are able to process your request.

If you own the property

Please provide your Solicitors Completion Letter to enable us to cancel any previous permits.

Last updated on 01/04/2024