Visitor permits

Households can apply for 2 free books of visitor permits (in a 12 month period) and 5 charged books of visitor permits, £26 per book; proof of residency is required.

Visitor permits are scratch cards, each for half days. They are issued in books of 20 permits.

Further visitors books above the 5 charged books specified above are available on request. Please complete a discretionary visitor application form stating your reasons for the additional books. Please note that it is likely that any further books granted will be charged for and not provided free.

Proof of residence

Only one required showing name and address of resident, dated within last 4 months

  • Bank statement
  • Credit card bill/store card statement
  • Gas/electric/telephone bill (mobile phone bills excluded)
  • Current Council Tax bill

Apply for your visitor permits online

Last updated on 01/04/2024