Blue Badge parking spaces


Interactive Blue Badge parking map

Blue Badge parking map

LocationBlue Badge parking available
On street pay and display bays Yes. You don’t need to display the clock and there’s no time limit.
Shared use – pay and display/permit/resident holder baysYes. You need to display the clock alongside the blue badge when pay and display is available. When it is a residents only bay, the blue badge is not valid without a permit.
Disabled bays Yes. You do not need to display the clock unless the sign shows a time limit. If the disabled bay is a discretionary marked bay within a resident permit area you will need a resident permit, as the blue badge alone does not permit free parking. However, if it is a signed disabled bay (not discretionary disabled bay) then it is permissible to park with just a Blue Badge (and clock if required).
Single and double yellow lines (where allowed) Yes, for up to three hours. You must display the clock. 
You can park on yellow lines unless there is a ban on loading and unloading or you are causing an obstruction.
Permit holder only bays No
Resident permit holder only bays No
Business bays, doctors’ bays, red routes, suspended bays No
Housing estates Contact the estate to find out where you can park.
Red Routes Where double red lines are marked, vehicles cannot stop at any time – Monday to Sunday – including for short periods of loading or unloading. Only disabled blue badge holders, Hackney Carriages (black cabs) and private hire vehicles licensed by Reading Borough Council are permitted to stop to allow for boarding and alighting.
Last updated on 19/01/2023