Highways Asset management

Highway asset management is a structured approach to highway maintenance that allows us to operate, maintain and restore our highway assets efficiently, effectively and providing value for money.

Our main highway assets currently include:

  • roads (approximately 392 km)
  • pavements (approximately 800 km)
  • bridges/structures (200+)
  • street lights, illuminated bollards, subway illuminations, etc (18,500)
  • road drains (18,000+)

Highway Asset Management policy

The Highway Asset Management Policy guides the management of the Council’s highway assets to ensure:

  • assets meet an agreed level of service
  • legislative requirements are met
  • exposure to risk is limited to acceptable levels
  • clear guidelines for staff to make decisions
  • clear allocation of responsibility for each type of asset

Highway Asset Management plan and strategy

The Highway Asset Management plan and strategy defines the Council’s service standards for carriageways, footways, bridges and culverts, street lights, traffic signs, bollards, drainage gullies and street furniture for 2019-2023. 

Road defects

The council is responsible for the maintenance of all the roads in the Borough. We carry out regular work to maintain our roads. We also fix problems you tell us about.

Our repair standards for road defects outlines our highway inspection process, priority repairs and response times.

Last updated on 08/03/2022