Residential road improvements

We held a colouring competition to celebrate our Highways £9m project. Take a look at the entries here.

Reading Borough Council is committing £9m to road and footway improvement work. This will see up to a third of Reading’s roads completely resurfaced over three years.

The ongoing work requires road closures and restrictions to access and parking. Scheduled work is listed below but can sometimes be postponed, delayed or extended due to unforeseen circumstances. See our frequently asked questions about resurfacing requirements for further information.

Scheduled work

Thames towpath

Thames towpath between Horseshoe Bridge and Caversham Bridge is having surfacing treatment.

The work which started on 27 June from the eastern end of the towpath has now finished with a few sections remaining to be surfaced at a later date.

  • Final section by Caversham Bridge to be surfaced at a later date due to high temperature
  • Small section of towpath by Caversham Lock has not been surfaced due to proposed refurbishment works on the lock. This section will be surfaced once the refurbishment is completed (expected mid-August)

Concrete roads

Phase 1 – completed work

  1. Newcastle Road / Corbridge Road / Hexham Road
  2. Northcourt Avenue
  3. Dawlish Road

Phase 2

Delays expected due to weather.

  • Dwyer Road – completed
  • Southcote Pedestrian Crossing Approaches – completed
  • Wensley and Holybrook Road – completed
  • Northumberland Avenue – surfacing completed, joint sealing and road markings continue

KielyLock surface dressing

  1. Albert Road, Caversham (Full extent) – completed
  2. Erleigh Road (Alexandra Road to Addington Road) – completed

Works will be carried out under full road closure and vehicular access for residents will be restricted.  Where it is safe and possible, access for residents and businesses will be maintained during the works but cannot be guaranteed. It will not be possible to park on the road during the working hours, and any parked vehicle will be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and will be removed.

Hand-lay surfacing sites

Delays expected due to weather.

While most surfacing works have been carried out by machine application there are some areas that cannot be accessed with machine. The following sites need hand-lay application

Road nameProposed start dateProposed duration
Glenbeigh Terrace20 July 2022Completed
Western Road20 July 2022Completed
Berkely Ave Service Road13 July 2022Completed
Tuns Hill Cottage20 July 2022Completed
Woodstock Street22 July 2022Completed
Oaklands22 July 2022Completed
Pembroke Place22 July 2022Completed
Grove Cottages25 July 2022Completed
Blagrave Lane27 July 2022Completed
Fernbrook Road2 August 2022Completed
Rissington Close2 August 2022Completed
Burleigh Mews3 August 2022Completed
Somerstown Ct/Prospect StreetN/ARemoved from programme
Combe Road3 August 2022Completed
Woods Road junction Ashleigh/Woodlands3 August 2022Completed
Templeton Gardens4 August 2022Completed
Dawlish Road/Callington RoadN/ATo be undertaken as part of remedial works programme

Year 2 (phase 2) and year 3 micro-asphalt surfacing

This work started on 8 February 2022 and is now complete. The contractor will continue with sweeping, raising ironwork, replacing road markings and gully emptying. They will also be carrying out post-completion assessments on all the sites and any remedial works that are required will be arranged as part of their warranty.

295 roads surfaced – total area of 429,265 m2

Road nameStart and end timeSurfacing start date / status
Shenstone Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Rowley Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Bourne Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Hagley Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Bramshaw Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Rockbourne Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Glebe Road930am – 330pmCompleted
Highgrove Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Valentia Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Audley Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Short Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Chesterman Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Newark Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Upper Crowne Street8am – 5pmCompleted
West Hill8am – 5pmCompleted
The Mount8am – 5pmCompleted
Queens Road Caversham / Queens Road CDS Area8am – 5pmCompleted
Kings Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Connaught Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Lancing Close8am – 5pmCompleted
East Street930am – 330pmCompleted
South Street, Reading (London st to Sidmouth St)930am – 330pmCompleted
Baker Street8am – 5pmCompleted
South View Avenue930am – 330pmCompleted
Little Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Hart Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Gower Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Great Knollys Street930am – 330pmCompleted
George Street930am – 330pmCompleted
Whitstone Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Bellingham Walk8am – 5pmCompleted
Pinetree Court8am – 5pmCompleted
Wykeham Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Landrake Crescent8am – 5pmCompleted
Padstow Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Helston Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Redruth Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Brooksby Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Merrivale Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Kingston Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Callington Road930am – 330pmCompleted
Coalport Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Pottery Road930am – 330pmCompleted
Delaney Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Green Acre Mount8am – 5pmCompleted
Recreation Road930am – 330pmCompleted
Thurlestone Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Corinne Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Addison Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Ross Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Kings Meadow Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Orts Road930am – 330pmCompleted
Neath Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Holland Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Berkshire Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Felton Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Chepstow Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Oakham Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Ullswater Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Grasmere Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Usk Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Rydal Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Forest Hill8am – 5pmCompleted
Weald Rise8am – 5pmCompleted
Kinson Road 8am – 5pmCompleted
Tern Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Links Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Mowbray Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Shaftesbury Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Rockbourne Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Larissa Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Hazelwood Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Chievely Close8am – 5pmCompleted
St Georges Terrace8am – 5pmCompleted
Elvaston Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Maitland Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Downshire Square 8am – 5pmCompleted
Garnet Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Wolseley Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Junction Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Hatherley Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Maldon Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Berkeley Avenue (Service Rd 89-119)8am – 5pmCompleted
Trelleck Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Tintern Crescent8am – 5pmCompleted
St Andrews Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Matlock Road 8am – 5pmCompleted
Kimberley Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Benyon Court8am – 5pmCompleted
Scholars Close8am – 5pmCompleted
St Peters Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Littlecote Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Froxfield Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Upavon Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Carsdale Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Buxton Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Briar Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Coley Park Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Mansfield Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Oakley Road8am – 5pmAlbert Road to Kidmore Road – completed
Section between Kidmore Road and Hemdean Road – postponed to assess for suitable treatment
Janson Court8am – 5pmPostponed
Lima Court8am – 5pmCompleted
St Saviours Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Lower Field Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Lower Brook Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Knights Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Highmoor Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Hilltop Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Shepherds Lane8am – 5pmCompleted
Clifton Park Road 8am – 5pm Completed
Richmond Road, Caversham8am – 5pmCompleted
Harrogate Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Queensborough Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Conisboro Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Penn Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Lady Jane Court8am – 5pmCompleted
Raglan Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Cawsam Gardens 8am – 5pmCompleted
Devon Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Chestnut Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Bramber Mews8am – 5pmCompleted
Onslow Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
The Ridgeway8am – 5pmCompleted
Cedarwood Crescent8am – 5pmCompleted
Silverthorne Drive8am – 5pm Completed
Picton Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Fernbrook Road8am – 5pm Completed
Wincroft Road 8am – 5pm Completed
Ellesmere Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Norman Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Valentine Crescent8am – 5pmCompleted
Kildare Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Banbury Gardens8am – 5pmPostponed due to issues onsite
Moss Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Eliot Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Foxhays Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Hawkchurch Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Dunster Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Amity Street8am – 5pmCompleted (eastern section to be completed at a later date)
Amity Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Coventry Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Elstow Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Fraser Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Carisbrooke Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Abingdon Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Alexandra Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Norton Road8am – 5pmCompleted
College Road930am – 330pmCompleted
Culver Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Buckingham Drive (Service Road in front of 51 – 87)8am – 5pmCompleted
Buckingham Drive (Service Road junction Marshland Sq to 49)8am – 5pmCompleted
Marshland Square8am – 5pmCompleted
Corfe Mews8am – 5pmCompleted
Dacre Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Earlsfield Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Greenleas Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Spinney Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Crawshay Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
St Barnabas Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Erleigh Road930am – 330pmCompleted
Hexham Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Kent Road8am – 5pm Completed
Rutland Road8am – 5pm Completed
Suffolk Road8am – 5pm Completed
Gloucester Road8am – 5pm Completed
Kensington Road8am – 5pm Completed
Norfolk Road8am – 5pm Completed
Lorne Street8am – 5pm Completed
Surley Row930am – 330pmCompleted
Rosehill Park8am – 5pmCompleted
Queens Road (cul-de-sac)8am – 5pmCompleted
Champion Road 8am – 5pm Completed
Chalgrove Way 8am – 5pm Completed
Birchwood Close 8am – 5pm Completed
Yarnton Close 8am – 5pm Completed
Courtenay Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Woods Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Copse Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Micklands Road8am – 5pm Completed
Burcombe Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Emmer Green Court8am – 5pmCompleted
Barnard Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Aldeburgh Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Lowfield Green8am – 5pmCompleted
Littlestead Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Wantage Road (remaining section)8am – 5pmCompleted
Brook Street West8am – 5pmCompleted
Epsom Court8am – 5pmCompleted
Marlborough Court8am – 5pmCompleted
Fairsted Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Granby Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Garnet Hill8am – 5pmCompleted
Tyler Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Uplands Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Woodberry Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Valley Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Dovedale Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Longhurst Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Wilwyne Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Ulster Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Tenby Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Odiham Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Montpelier Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Kendal Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Lomond Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Highbridge Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Ibstone Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Jordan Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Galsworthy Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Ragley Mews8am – 5pmCompleted
Stirling Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Thetford Mews8am – 5pmCompleted
Whitby Green8am – 5pmCompleted
Uppingham Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Queensway8am – 5pmCompleted
Pendennis Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Netley Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Osterley Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Launceston Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Harlech Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Hadleigh Rise8am – 5pmCompleted
Gifford Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Framlingham Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Melford Green8am – 5pmCompleted
Goodrich Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Illingworth Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Ilchester Mews8am – 5pmCompleted
Kirkham Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Kelso Mews8am – 5pmCompleted
Farleigh Mews8am – 5pmCompleted
Eynsford Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Gayhurst Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Mallory Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Holyrood Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Hertford Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Rowallan Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Northbrook Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Fallowfield Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Aldenham Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Chatsworth Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Dumbarton Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Hawthorne Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Newcastle Road (cul-de-sac are only)8am – 5pmCompleted
Blenheim Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Foxhill Roads8am – 5pmCompleted
Cintra Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Warwick Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Stanhope Road8am – 5pmCompleted
All Hallows Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Normanstead Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Portland Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Bourton Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Combe Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Windrush Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Tofrek Terrace8am – 5pmCompleted
Parkside Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Amherst Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Liverpool Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Radstock Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Amity Street (remaining section)8am – 5pmCompleted
Cholmeley Place8am – 5pmCompleted
Cholmeley Road8am – 5pmCompleted (Filey Road to A4 London Road section will be programmed separately)
Oakley Road (Kidmore Road to Hemdean Road under investigation for treatment suitability)8am – 5pmPostponed
Woodcote Way8am – 5pmCompleted
Farnham Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
Blackwater Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Bishops Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Brighton Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Palmer Park Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Graveney Drive8am – 5pmCompleted
St David’s Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Orwell Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Heroes Walk8am – 5pmCompleted
St Elizabeth Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Harness Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Lexington Grove8am – 5pmCompleted
Sampage Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Sandleford Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Creswell Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Hilary Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Basingstoke Road (Service Road)8am – 5pmCompleted
Stoneham Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Broomfield Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Armour Hill (Kentwood Hill to Newberry Close)8am – 5pmCompleted
Newberry Close to Oak Tree Road to be reprogrammed
Holybrook Crescent8am – 5pmCompleted
South View Road (remedial works)8am – 5pmCompleted
The Ridings8am – 5pmCompleted
Venetia Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Burnham Rise8am – 5pmRemoved – road surface already in good condition
Twin Oaks8am – 5pmCompleted
Elm Park Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Gordon Place8am – 5pmCompleted
Calder Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Old Barn Close9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
St Barnabas Road9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
Winchester Road9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
Lincoln Road9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
Surrey Road9.30am – 3.30pmCompleted
South Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Kings Meadow (remaining Bellmouth area)8am – 5pmDeferred – to be carried out by hand-lay crew
Mount Street8am – 5pmCompleted
Waterloo Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Morecambe Avenue8am – 5pmCompleted
Modbury Gardens8am – 5pmCompleted
Ashburton Road8am – 5pmCompleted
Brill Close8am – 5pmCompleted
Armour Hill8am – 5pmCompleted

Year 1

Road nameType of surfacing
Addington RoadGrip-fibre
Alma Street Micro-asphalt
Alpine Street Micro-asphalt
Anglefield Road Micro-asphalt
Argyle Road Micro-asphalt
Argyle Street Micro-asphalt
Arkwright Road Micro-asphalt
Ashby Court Micro-asphalt
Ashmore Road Micro-asphalt
Baker Street Micro-asphalt
Barnsdale Road Micro-asphalt
Basingstoke Road (from Christchurch Road to Elgar Road South) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Bath Road (from Burghfield Road to Hogarth Avenue)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Bedford Road (from junction with Oxford Road to Chatham Street)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Beresford Road Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Berkeley Avenue (from Ashley Road to Esso Petrol Station) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Blagdon RoadMicro-asphalt
Blandford RoadMicro-asphalt
Boston Avenue Micro-asphalt
Brixham Road Micro-asphalt
Brownlow Road Hand-lay and remedial sites
Brunswick HillMicro-asphalt
Brunswick StreetHand-lay and remedial sites
Cambridge Street Micro-asphalt
Cannon StreetHand-lay and remedial sites
Canterbury Road Micro-asphalt
Carey StreetMicro-asphalt
Castle Crescent Micro-asphalt
Catherine StreetMicro-asphalt
Cavendish Road Micro-asphalt
Chagford Road Micro-asphalt
Champion Road Micro-asphalt
Chester StreetMicro-asphalt
Chester Street, Caversham Micro-asphalt
Chiltern RoadRemedial
Christchurch Gardens Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Christchurch Road (from Basingstoke Road to Sutherland Avenue)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Chudleigh Gardens Micro-asphalt
Clent Road Micro-asphalt
Coldicutt Street Micro-asphalt
Coley Avenue (Berkley Avenue to Castle Hill)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Connaught Road Micro-asphalt
Cooper Close Micro-asphalt
Corwen RoadRemedial
Cranborne Gardens Micro-asphalt
Crescent Road Micro-asphalt / hand-lay and remedial sites
Cressingham RoadConcrete roads
Cromwell RoadMicro-asphalt
Curzon StreetMicro-asphalt
Dale Road Micro-asphalt
Deepdene CloseMicro-asphalt
Denbury Gardens Micro-asphalt
Denmark Road Micro-asphalt
Donegal CloseMicro-asphalt
Durham Close Micro-asphalt
Eaton Place Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Eccles CloseMicro-asphalt
Edgehill Street Micro-asphalt
Elgar RoadMicro-asphalt
Elm Road (from Shinfield Road to Borough boundary) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Eric Avenue Micro-asphalt
Falkland RoadRemedial
Forbury Road (from King’s Road to Kenavon Drive (Northbound only))Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Forge CloseMicro-asphalt
Francis Street Micro-asphalt
Fulmead RoadMicro-asphalt
George Street Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Gloucester RoadMicro-asphalt
Haldane Road Micro-asphalt
Hampden RoadMicro-asphalt
Harley RoadMicro-asphalt
Hartslock Way Micro-asphalt
Heatherdene Close Micro-asphalt Resurfacing 2021-99
Hemdean RiseHand-lay and remedial sites
Hemdean Road (from Oakley Rd to Sheridan Avenue) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Heron IslandMicro-asphalt
Home Farm CloseMicro-asphalt
Honiton Road Micro-asphalt
Ian Mikardo Way Micro-asphalt
IDR A (from A329 southbound exit towards Castle Street) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
IDR B (from A329 eastbound exit towards Bridge Street)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Kearsley RoadMicro-asphalt
Kensington RoadMicro-asphalt
Kentwood Hill Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Keston Close Micro-asphalt
Kingsbridge RoadMicro-asphalt
Knighton CloseMicro-asphalt
Lamerton RoadMicro-asphalt
Liebenrood Road Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Linden RoadMicro-asphalt
Little John’s Lane (from Portman Road to Loverock Road) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Lulworth RoadMicro-asphalt
Luscombe Close Micro-asphalt
Lynmouth Road Micro-asphalt
Manchester RoadHand-lay and remedial sites
Meavy GardensMicro-asphalt
Merton Road North Micro-asphalt
Merton Road SouthMicro-asphalt
Mill RoadMicro-asphalt
Milman RoadMicro-asphalt
Modbury Gardens Micro-asphalt
Moreleigh Close Micro-asphalt
Mortimer Close Micro-asphalt
Nelson RoadMicro-asphalt
New Lane HillGrip-fibre
Newlands Avenue Micro-asphalt
Newlyn GardensMicro Asphalt Resurfacing 2021-108
Newport RoadHand-lay and remedial sites
Norfolk RoadMicro-asphalt
North StreetMicro-asphalt
Northumberland Avenue (between Honiton Rd Rbt to Hartland Rd Rbt)Concrete roads
Ormsby StreetMicro-asphalt
Oxford Road B (from Shaftesbury Road to Gordon Place) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Oxford Road C (Beresford Road to Russell Street) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Oxford Street Micro-asphalt
Paddock Road Remedial
Park Lane (from Chapel Hill to 50 metres west of Mayfair) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Peel CloseMicro-asphalt
Pell Street (from Elgar Road to Sherman Road)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Pentland CloseMicro-asphalt
Peppard Road Micro-asphalt
Peppard Road (from Kiln Road to Cavendish Road) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Piggott’s RoadHand-lay and remedial sites
Poplar GardensHand-lay and remedial sites
Portman Road (from Bridgewater Close for 500m eastbound) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Portway CloseMicro-asphalt
Prince’s Street Micro-asphalt
Queen Street Micro-asphalt
Rossington PlaceMicro-asphalt
Rushden DriveMicro-asphalt
Russell Street (from Castle Hill to Russel Street)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Sackville Street Micro-asphalt
Salcombe RoadMicro-asphalt
Salford Close Micro-asphalt
Scours Lane (Oxford Road to Stadium Way)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Seaton GardensMicro-asphalt
Sheldon GardensMicro-asphalt
Shinfield Road (from Whitley Wood Road to Elm Road)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Shirley Avenue Micro-asphalt
Short Street Micro-asphalt
Sidmouth Street (from London Road to Queen’s Road)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Southcote Farm LaneMicro-asphalt
Southcote Lane Concrete roads
Spencer RoadMicro-asphalt
Spring Gardens Micro-asphalt
St Anne’s Road Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
St Johns RoadMicro-asphalt
Staverton RoadMicro-asphalt
Stockton Road Micro-asphalt
Stratton GardensMicro-asphalt
Sun Street Micro-asphalt
Swallowfield DriveRemedial
Taff WayHand-lay and remedial sites
Talbot Close Micro-asphalt
Tamarisk Avenue Micro-asphalt
The MeadwayConcrete roads
Thornton Mews Micro-asphalt
Tilehurst Road (from Russell Street to Western Elm Avenue) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Torrington Road Micro-asphalt
Totnes RoadMicro-asphalt
Trafford Road Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Upper Warren AvenueRemedial
Upton Road Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Vicarage Road Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Village Close Micro-asphalt
Washington RoadMicro-asphalt
Water Road (from Tilehurst Road to Windrush Way)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Waverley RoadHand-lay and remedial sites
Westcote RoadHand-lay and remedial sites
Wheatley CloseMicro-asphalt
Whiteknights Road Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Whitley Street (from Southampton Street to Christchurch Rd Roundabout) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA)
Willow Gardens Micro-asphalt
Windermere Road Micro-asphalt
Wokingham Road (from Holmes Road to Melrose Avenue) Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Wolsey RoadRemedial
Woodcote Road (Junction Area with Highmoor Road)Residential hot-rolled asphalt (HRA) – DfT funded
Woodman CloseMicro-asphalt
Woodside WayMicro-asphalt
Wrenswood CloseMicro-asphalt
Yelverton Road Micro-asphalt