Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) improving maintenance

The issue   

The roads in Reading need monitoring and maintenance to remain safe for their users. We have limited money to pay for this and want to make sure what we do spend is spent the most effectively. 

Winter gritting is often carried out unnecessarily because we base it on forecasts rather than real time information. 

Potholes can damage vehicles and the council may be liable for repair costs. Early detection of problems could stop this happening. 

The scheme   

Ways this scheme will affect car drivers include:  

  • Temperature sensors to inform winter gritting 
  • Pothole monitoring systems 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring of bridges and other road structures to warn of defects 
  • Monitoring to detect blocked drains 

The outcome   

  • Safer and more reliable roads 
  • Cost effective monitoring and maintenance of roads, including winter gritting 
  • Fewer maintenance trips 
  • Data driven approach to road maintenance
Last updated on 15/09/2023