Neighbourhood and highway management – cars

The issue   

Many of our roads were not designed to accommodate the current level of mixed transport and travel options. This leads to congestion and air pollution. 

Cycle and pedestrian entry onto Talfourd Avenue with no entry markings on the road for cars.

The scheme   

Ways this scheme will affect car drivers include:  

  • Removal of travel pinch points 
  • Traffic signal upgrades 
  • More crossings 
  • Reallocation of road space 
  • Changes to junction layouts 
  • Public transport prioritisation 
  • Pedestrian and cycle prioritisation  

he outcome   

  • Healthier neighbourhoods and improved quality of life 
  • Safer roads 
  • Reduced car use 
  • Improved active travel and public transport 
  • Improved bus journey time reliability 
  • Reduced localised congestion 
  • Improved air quality 
Last updated on 15/09/2023