Policies – public transport

The following are the aspects of our policies that affect public transport.

Policy RTS1 – Sustainable transport

1.1: We will prioritise sustainable travel modes to offer an attractive and realistic alternative to private car trips.

1.2: We will increase the capacity of the sustainable transport network by reallocating road space to sustainable modes.

1.4: We will develop sustainable transport schemes in partnership with neighbouring boroughs to support an increase in sustainable cross-boundary journeys.

Policy RTS3 – Equality and inclusivity

3.1: We will work with transport operators to deliver an accessible network for all, taking action to address barriers caused by physical infrastructure.

3.3: We will continue to work with partners to deliver public transport, such as bus, community transport and taxi operators, that is affordable and accessible to all and reduce inequalities in our communities.

Policy RTS7 – Public transport

7.1: We will continue to build on the well- established bus and rail connections and work with partners across Reading and the wider region to maintain and improve an accessible, affordable reliable and sustainable, integrated public transport network.

7.2: We will support the evolution of public transport as technologies advance and new types of services become viable.

Policy RTS8 – Bus and community transport

8.1: We will work with bus operators, businesses, health and education providers towards delivering high quality fast, frequent and reliable bus services that are not forced to take second place to excessive or inappropriate car use.

8.2: We will maximise the use of bus services by ensuring space on the highway is dedicated to buses or shared with buses, taxis, cycles and emergency vehicles where feasible, to ensure equality of urban mobility and to free up space for regeneration of streets with planting and improvements to the public space.

8.3: We will work with neighbouring authorities and other parties to enable the provision of community transport services in Reading for the benefit of our residents and reduce social isolation.

8.4: We will work with health services and adult social care services and communities to deliver accessible public transport services that work for communities and help address social needs, such as keeping elderly mobile and tackling loneliness.

Policy RTS9 – Rail

9.1: We will continue to lobby for improvement and work with the rail industry including train operating companies to provide improved services for train travellers to and from Reading.

9.2: We will continue to support the development of the other Reading Stations (Reading West, Tilehurst and Green Park) to ensure each is accessible and provides a high-quality entry to the rail network with high quality frequent and reliable train services.

Policy RTS30 – Travel information

30.1: We will support and promote the use of a wide range of data and technology to influence travel behaviour and manage the transport network.

30.2: We will work with partners to deliver high quality, accessible, real-time data to assist users to make sustainable travel choices, recognising the differing needs of travellers.

30.3: We will work with businesses, schools and other educational facilities, and other key destinations, to support them in delivering their travel plans and providing sustainable travel advice to their workforce.

Last updated on 18/09/2023