Concessionary and discounted travel

The issue   

Disabled and elderly people are more likely to rely on public transport than other people. The concessionary fares scheme currently only offers free travel at off-peak times. This can leave pass users either paying for their fare or choosing not to use public transport at peak times.   

View down the centre of the bus showing many people sitting.

The scheme   

Enhancements to public transport in this scheme may include discounted or free travel for:   

  • Different population sectors (for example, people under 18 or low-income households) 
  • Different trip types (for example, school trips) 
  • Different trip times (for example, off-peak travel for more users or peak travel or older people) 

The outcome   

  • People developing life-long sustainable travel habits 
  • Increased accessibility to services and employment 
  • Reduced peak hour traffic 
  • Increased off-peak bus travel 
  • Mental health benefits 
Last updated on 15/09/2023