Connecting neighbourhoods – public transport

The issue  

There is existing demand for travel between residential and employment areas outside the town centre. Bus services tend to travel into and out of the town centre meaning people must take multiple buses to reach their destination. This makes public transport as a travel option less attractive. 

Map of Reading split into 7 sections: Central Area, Eastern Area, South Eastern Area, Southern Area, Western Area, South Western Area and Northern Area.

The scheme  

Enhancements to public transport in this scheme include:   

  • Enabling direct trips between areas without entering central Reading 
  • Improvements in public transport, linking key mobility hubs, residential and employment areas 

The outcome   

  • Increased attractiveness of public transport 
  • Increased capacity for non-car travel around Reading 
  • Reduced car commuter congestion 
  • Improved air quality  
Last updated on 15/09/2023