Demand responsive travel

The issue   

Some areas of Reading do not have good bus services, normally because the demand is not high enough. This can lead to people with disabilities, young and older people becoming isolated or encourages private car use. 

The picture shows the outside of Reading Green Park Station after it's development.

The scheme   

As technology advances, we want to be able to use any advances developed to enhance transport options. For example, Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs) with drivers are being used in business parks across the world. We expect the UK to remove the legal requirement for a driver in these vehicles in the relatively near future.  

We can then use these developments to improve connections between more isolated areas and other forms public transport.  

The outcome   

  • Access to amenities would be improved in areas not currently served by public transport 
  • Reduction of journeys by car or taxi, leading to better air quality 
  • Door to door connectivity by public transport
Last updated on 02/10/2023