South Reading bus rapid transit corridor

The issue   

Lack of bus priority through junctions along the A33 corridor leads to delays with Greenwave and other buses. This makes use of public transport a less attractive option, which leads to more private cars and more congestion. 

We are also aware of further developments planned in the area which will increase demand for travel on the route.  

Greenwave bus on bus lane.

The scheme   

Some sections of the A33 and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) have already been implemented, but these will be extended and joined up. This will give a continuous bus priority between Mereoak Park and Ride and Reading town centre. 

The outcome   

  • Improvement to an existing service that offers a good alternative to private care travel 
  • Increased attractiveness of public transport with the potential to run buses more frequently 
  • Reduced congestion 
  • Cost savings to businesses through improved travel capacity, journey time and reliability
Last updated on 15/09/2023