Bath Road/Castle Hill Active Travel improvements

The issue 

Bath Road and Castle Hill provides a direct route to many destinations, including the town centre and several schools.  

Artist's impression showing new cycle paths of both sides of Bath Road.

The scheme 

We have already secured funding from the government’s Active Travel Fund to carry out this work. Enhancements to walking and cycling in this scheme include: 

  • Segregated cycle lanes in each direction 
  • Segregated cycle facility across the IDR 
  • Reallocation of general traffic to cyclists 
  • Improved cycle provision at all junctions 
  • New and improved crossings
  • Introduction of double yellow lines to stop parking blocking active travel 

The outcome 

  • Improved connection to the National Cycle Network Route 422 at Berkeley Avenue 
  • Improved accessibility for all users
  • Increased walking and cycling levels, leading to less car travel and therefore better air quality 
  • Reduced conflict between cyclists and pedestrians 
  • Increased physical activity leading to better mental and physical health 
  • Improved active travel journey times leading to economic benefit 
Last updated on 15/09/2023