London Road Active Travel improvements

The issue  

London Road between Cemetery Junction and Sidmouth Street is a busy road. The road is a route to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and a campus of the university.    

It is difficult for cyclists to use because it can mean moving across 3 lanes of traffic to make a turn. The wide pavements include provision for cyclists but will not be a good solution for encouraging more people to walk and cycle.  

Map showing London Road.

The scheme  

Enhancements to walking and cycling in this scheme include:  

  • Enhanced cycle lanes in each direction 
  • Improved cycle provision at all junctions  
  • New and improved crossings
  • Links to the wider cycle network 

The outcome  

  • Improved accessibility for all users  
  • Increased access to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and the London Road campus of the University of Reading
  • Increased cycling levels, leading to less car travel and therefore better air quality  
  • Safety enhancements for cyclists 
  • Congestion and air quality improvements  
Last updated on 15/09/2023