Neighbourhood and highway management – walking and cycling

The issue  

Many parts of our road network were not designed to allow for the current level of journeys using multiple types of transport. There are areas that cause congestion and are not easy for walkers or cyclists to use.  

The scheme  

Planned enhancements for walkers and cyclists in this scheme include:  

  • Removal of highway pinch points 
  • Traffic signal updates 
  • Easy crossing points 
  • Reallocation of road space 
  • Changes to junction layouts
  • Prioritisation of pedestrian and cycle needs 
  • Enforcement of speeding rules

The outcome  

  • Healthier neighbourhoods and improved quality of life 
  • Landscaping and design to encourage active travel
  • Prioritise sustainable travel choices 
  • Improved active travel journey times leading to less need for car use 
Last updated on 15/09/2023