Oxford Road multi-modal enhancements – walking and cycling

The issue

Oxford Road is a busy road, both to the town centre and as a destination. Although it is a key cycle route it is not cycle-friendly due to the large amount of general traffic, freight deliveries and buses, causing congestion on the road and leading to poor air quality. 

Oxford Road looking east with cars waiting to turn into and out of Beresford Road.

The scheme

Enhancements to walking and cycling in this scheme include:

  • Reallocation of road space to walking and cycling
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle provision, including wider, more accessible routes, and new and upgraded crossings
  • Potential re-routing of freight traffic onto more suitable routes
  • Traffic signal upgrades
  • Safety enhancements
  • Removal of excessive street furniture
  • Increased landscaping and vegetation

The outcome 

  • Better air quality due to reduced congestion 
  • Increased walking and cycling levels through enhanced user experience, including improved safety, reduced delay and better accessibility
  • Improved access when walking and cycling to Reading West station 
Last updated on 15/09/2023