Strategic pedestrian routes

The issue 

In some areas car travel seems to have taken priority over pedestrians. This makes it hard for walkers, people with disabilities and parents with pushchairs to get about.  

Christchurch Bridge at night with cyclists and neon pink lights.

The scheme 

Enhancements to walking in this scheme include: 

  • Reallocation of road space to walking and cycling 
  • Enhanced public space 
  • Resurfacing 
  • Lighting and CCTV 
  • New and improved crossings
  • Improved signage 
  • Introduction of cyclist and pedestrian rest areas 
  • Removal of excessive street furniture 
  • Increased landscaping and vegetation 

The outcome 

  • Improved accessibility for all users 
  • Increased walking levels, leading to less car travel and therefore better air quality 
  • Increased physical activity leading to better mental and physical health
Last updated on 15/09/2023