Transport corridor multi-modal enhancements – walking and cycling

The issue 

The highway corridors are the key routes into and out of the town centre. The amount of traffic and lack of high-quality infrastructure for walkers and cyclists leads to active transport being seen as unattractive. 


The scheme 

Enhancements to walking and cycling in this scheme include: 

  • Reallocation of road space to walking and cycling 
  • Introduction of pedestrian and cyclist rest areas 
  • Traffic signal upgrades 
  • Safety enhancements
  • Removal of excessive street furniture 
  • Increased landscaping and vegetation 

The outcome 

  • Increased walking and cycling levels through enhanced user experience, including improved safety, reduced delay and better accessibility 
  • Additional priority for sustainable modes will be made for key corridors in the borough, particularly close to residential areas such as Oxford Road 
Last updated on 15/09/2023