Sample letter for properties affected by School Streets

To: Resident                                        

Date:                     _____________________________________________________

Name of School(s): _____________________________________________________

Address:                 _____________________________________________________

School tel. no:        _____________________________________________________

School e-mail:        _____________________________________________________

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: School Streets Closure Order

I am writing to inform you that I am in the process of applying for a School Streets closure on the following road(s):


This closure Order is subject to approval from Reading Borough Council.

The closures would only take place during term times at the following times:

 Day   AM School Street Time   PM School Street Time

The road will be closed to general through traffic and points of closure will be Marshalled at all times. Residents will be allowed full access but are requested to drive with caution when within the closure area. It is not necessary to move parked vehicles from the street. School Streets will be under adult supervision and access will be maintained for eligible vehicles which include:

  • residents living on the School Street,
  • visitors to residents’ properties (including carers),
  • disabled,
  • business owners and customers,
  • Emergency Services,
  • Blue Badge holders,
  • taxis
  • statutory public services such as gas/electricity companies,
  • refuse collectors,
  • postal service providers, such as the Royal Mail,
  • buses and school transport,
  • breakdown and recovery vehicles, and
  • any vehicle with special arrangements made by the School).

If you would like to respond to this, please return the response form to the School, or respond to our online consultation here: _________________________________

Please direct any queries or concerns regarding this proposal to our email address in the first instance. If I cannot resolve your concern, I will refer it to Reading Borough Council’s School Streets scheme.

Response Form – Please return this form to the School.

I support/do not support (please delete as appropriate) the introduction of a School

street scheme.

Signed     __________________________________________________________________

Name(s)  __________________________________________________________________

Address   __________________________________________________________________

If you would like to make any comments please use the space below;

Last updated on 23/12/2021