Garden waste service

We collect green bins and reusable bags from households every two weeks except for a 2 week period at Christmas.

View your collection dates.

Cost of garden waste collection

  • Green bins – £69.90 per year (£52.60 for households that receive Council Tax Support)
  • Green bags – £25.10 per year (£18.80 for households that receive Council Tax Support)

We will collect a maximum of 2 containers per property. The charge covers the collection of both containers.

If you don’t already have a green bin or bag, there is a charge for the supply of the green bin (£52.30) or bag (£15.50).

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

The subscription period will run for 12 months from the date payment is made.

You can renew your garden waste subscription up to 6 weeks in advance of your renewal date. Your new 12-month subscription will start from the date your current subscription ends. We have extended customers’ subscriptions to reflect collections missed during the periods in Summer 2021 and Winter 2021-22 when the service was paused due to the impact of COVID-19 pressures on workforce. The crew have a list of all properties who have paid for the service.

Find information about what you can put in your garden waste bin or bag.

You can also take garden waste to the recycling centre free of charge.


How do I order an additional or replacement green bin or bag?
What if my green bin collection is missed?
How do I leave the service?
Can food waste go into the garden waste bins?
What happens to my garden waste?
Leaves from other peoples’ or council-owned trees can fall onto my property – can I get these collected for free?
How do I compost?
How will I know when my garden waste subscription needs to be renewed?

Ordering new bins

You can order an additional or replacement bin (£52.30) or bag (£15.50) here. We will collect a maximum of 2 garden waste containers per property.

Missed collections

Report a missed bin

If your collection is missed, you must report it before midnight the following working day.

Freezing weather causes green waste to get stuck in overfull bins. This sometimes preventing us from emptying them. You can help by:

  • loosening the waste before the collection time
  • not overfilling or tightly packing the contents of your bin
  • keeping the lid closed to stop moisture building up.

If you can keep the garden bin in a garage or shed, this will reduce the chances of the contents freezing.

Leaving the service

You can request to opt out of the service at any time. No refund will be payable.

You can compost your garden waste at home. Visit for information and advice.

re3grow is a peat-free compost, made from recycled garden waste. It is available to buy at the recycling centre. 

You can also take your garden waste to the re3 recycling centre free of charge.

Food waste

Food waste cannot be placed in green bins or bags as they are only for garden waste such as leaves, twigs, grass cuttings and dead flowers. The composting facility where the contents of the green bins are taken can only process garden waste. Food waste should be placed in your food waste bin which is emptied weekly. Check what goes in each bin

What happens to garden waste

Our garden waste is treated at a licensed composting facility. It is processed into compost in long heaps called windrows. The finished product meets the UK standards (PAS100) and can be used as compost on farms (30 mm) and in gardens (10 mm).The garden version, re3grow, is available for residents to purchase during spring and summer months at re3 recycling centres.

Garden waste from other properties

We are unable to offer free collections or free garden waste bins or bags. This includes leaves from other peoples’ or council owned trees falling onto your property.

How will I know when my garden waste subscription needs to be renewed?

We will send you an email or letter to let you know when it is time to renew your subscription. You may also find it helpful when you pay for your subscription to make a note of when it is due to be renewed. You can also check your renewal date using our online form.

You can renew your subscription up to 6 weeks before your renewal date.

Last updated on 01/04/2024