Community recycling banks

There are lots of locations in Reading where you can take items to be recycled. For example, you can take glass bottles and jars, textiles and shoes to recycling banks.  You can take carrier bags and batteries to larger supermarkets.

Glass recycling

You can now put any colour glass bottle or jar into any bottle bank. The glass will be mechanically sorted by lasers when it is taken to the recycling facility, making glass recycling easier, quicker, and more efficient.

Please do not place pyrex, ceramics, crockery or light bulbs in the glass bank.

The glass recycling banks are emptied by FCC on behalf of the Council and the Re3 partnership.

Textiles recycling

Clothes and textiles that are in good condition can be donated and sold for re-use. Items that aren’t suitable to be passed onto someone else can be recycled and made into new items. You can take all your textiles, linens and shoes to be recycled at most of our community recycling banks in Reading.

Most textiles recycling banks are charity collections, but they are monitored and regulated by Reading Borough Council and Re3. Organisations offering textiles recycling are required to provide tonnage data to the council, and permission must be acquired before a textiles recycling bank can be placed on the public highway.

Community recycling bank locations

Site LocationWard AreaGlassTextiles
St Martins Precinct Car Park, RG4 8BACavershamYesNo
Milestone Centre, RG4 6PFEmmer GreenYesYes
Farnham Drive, RG4 6NYEmmer GreenYesYes
Rivermead Leisure Centre, RG1 8EQThamesYesYes
Thameside Promenade Car Park, RG1 8EQThamesYesYes
Hills Meadow Car Park, RG4 8DHThamesYesYes
Tesco Extra, Napier Road, RG1 8DFThamesYesYes
Kennet Walk, RG1 3GDThamesYesYes
Orts Road, RG1 3JLThamesYesYes
George Street, RG1 7NTAbbeyYesYes
Great Knollys Street, RG1 7HNAbbeyYesYes
Howard Street, RG1 7XSAbbeyYesYes
Hosier Street (Broad Street Mall), RG1 7JLAbbeyYesYes
Sidmouth Street, RG1 4QYAbbeyYesYes
Tesco Extra, Portman Road, RG30 1AWBattleYesYes
Kensington Road Park Car Park RG30 2TGBattleYesYes
Tilehurst Station, RG31 6THKentwoodYesYes
Waitrose, Oxford Road, RG30 6WRKentwoodYesYes
Scours Lane, RG30 6BXKentwoodYesYes
Kentwood Hill, RG31 6JGKentwoodYesYes
Harvaston Parade, RG30 4LPTilehurstYesYes
Meadway Recreation Ground, RG30 4UNTilehurstYesYes
Gratwicke Road, RG30 4TUTilehurstYesYes
Recreation Road Car Park, RG30 4UBTilehurstYesYes
Asda, Honey End Lane, RG30 4ELNorcotYesYes
Spey Road, RG30 4DGNorcotYesYes
The Southcote Beefeater, RG30 3ABSouthcoteYesYes
Prospect Park Car Park, RG30 2NDSouthcoteYesYes
Coronation Square, RG30 3QNSouthcoteYesYes
Berkeley Avenue, RG1 6HEColeyYesYes
Coley Park Community Centre, RG1 6DWColeyYesYes
Whitley Street, RG2 0EQKatesgroveYesYes
Waterloo Meadows, Elgar Road, RG2 0BNKatesgroveYesYes
Palmer Park Leisure Centre, RG6 1LFParkYesYes
Erleigh Road, RG1 5NARedlandsYesNo
Cintra Park Car Park, RG2 7PSRedlandsYesYes
Hexham Road, RG2 7UARedlandsYesYes
Shinfield Rise, RG2 8HAChurchYesYes
Blagdon Road, RG2 7NEChurchYesYes
South Reading Leisure Centre, RG2 8DHChurchYesYes
Long Barn Lane, RG2 7SXChurchYesNo
Pepper Lane, RG2 7DNChurchYesYes
Morrisons, Basingstoke Road, RG2 0HBWhitleyYesYes
Manor Farm Road, RG2 0NAWhitleyYesYes
Northumberland Avenue (opposite Durham Close), RG2 8LZWhitleyYesYes
Whitley Wood Road, RG2 8THWhitleyYesYes
Swallowfield Drive, RG2 8UQWhitleyYesYes
Whitley Wood Recreation Ground, RG2 0SHWhitleyYesYes

If the recycling container is full, please do not leave your items on the floor next to the bank as this may be investigated as fly-tipping, and enforcement action may be taken. Please take your items to your next nearest recycling location.

You can use the re3cyclopedia search tool to find a recycling location. Just type the item into the search box, such as ‘glass bottle’ or ‘textiles’.

Please report any full or over-flowing recycling bank to us or on 0118 937 3787.

Last updated on 03/04/2024