Reduce or reuse

While recycling is a great thing to do, it is even better to try and reduce the waste we produce in the first place and reuse as much as we can! Many of the things we throw away haven’t always reached the end of their useful life. Someone else may need something that you don’t want or need any more.


  • Find out how to reduce your food waste and find useful tips on using up your leftovers on the Love Food Hate Waste website.
  • Shop local! Generally local produce has less wrapping and has fewer food miles travelled. This helps to reduce the effect on climate change.
  • Use reusable containers, water bottles or carrier bags to reduce your plastic waste.
  • Choose products with minimal packaging or wrapping.
  • Can your items be repaired rather than thrown away? Consider repairing or altering before disposing!
  • Stop using disposable nappies and wipes. Reusable nappies can be an easy and a cost-effective alternative to disposable ones.
  • Think twice about using your printer to save on paper waste, or consider printing double-sided instead!
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted junk mail or postal catalogues.
  • Borrow, rent or share items that you don’t use often, like party decorations, tools or furniture.


  • Drop off your reusable items such as books, DVDs, crockery or toys to the Reuse Area at the Recycling Centre.
  • Advertise any unwanted items on local ‘buy, sell or swap’ websites to find your items a new home.
  • Donate any unwanted items to your local charity shop. Some charities offer free collections of items such as furniture.
  • Donate any unopened food items to your local food bank. Alternatively, you can donate them on food swapping apps or websites.
  • Pack up your items and head down to your local car boot sale for the day to find your items a new home! You could also consider selling any unwanted items online.
Last updated on 18/06/2024