Home care

Find home care services here: Home Care & Support Framework 2020-21

Home care may suit you if you need:

  • personal care, such as washing or dressing
  • cooking or preparing meals
  • nursing and health care

Home care can be very flexible, in order to meet your needs, and the same person or agency may be able to provide some or all of these options for the duration of your care:

  • long-term 24-hour care
  • short breaks for an unpaid family carer
  • emergency care
  • day care
  • sessions ranging from 15-minute visits to 24-hour assistance and everything in between.

Fill out a care assessment to find out if you are eligible for help from the Council. Find out how the Council charges for the care and support it arranges.

Find other services and agencies near you.

Further information on home care

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Last updated on 29/09/2020