Market and street trading

Reading Festival information

Hosier Street Market is managed by Blue Collar Group. Please email pitch enquiries to

We don’t give street trading consent for anyone to trade in the town centre. When an opportunity becomes available we will advertise it.

If you plan to trade within 50 metres of a public road (on private or public land) you must have street trading consent from the council.

If you want to trade on a private forecourt you should get permission from the landowner. You can contact the licensing team for informal advice about your plans to trade.

Please contact to apply. Street trading conditions.

Sandwich rounds and other mobile food traders have to keep to special conditions but should complete the same street trading application form.

You must apply for a Basic Disclosure Certificate and submit this with your application. This certificate must be dated within 1 calendar month prior to application.

If you would like to apply please download and complete a Street Trading application form and submit to

Street trading consents

There are currently no available street trading pitches in Reading town centre. Please check this page for any updates.

Expressions of interest will only be accepted in writing to the Council: Licensing Team, Reading Borough Council, Bridge Street, Reading RG1 2LU or by email to:


Street trading in town centre – £6,129 (£500 deposit on application)

Street trading outside town centre – £2421 (£500 deposit on application)

Ice cream vans and sandwich rounds – £901

All potential applicants should contact the licensing team before applying for informal advice on whether the proposed site is appropriate.

Reading Borough Council Act gives us authority to manage street trading activities and deal with illegal trading/touting.

Occasional street trading

If you intend to trade for less than 60 days a year (including Reading Festival), either as an individual or market style trading, you will need to have street trading consent. Before completing the online application form, the applicant will need to obtain a basic DBS certificate; it can take up to  14 days for you to receive your certificate. Refer to the accompanying guidance notes and street trading conditions before starting your application.

Apply for occasional street trading consent

The application form has an option for existing market style applicants to add information of new stall holders that wish to start selling as part of the market. This form is not to extend your maximum amount of traders per day.

Fees for stalls in the town centre (inside the IDR)

  • up to 3x3m stalls trading for 1 to 15 days a year – £12 per stall, per day
  • up to 3x3m stalls trading for 16 to 60 days a year – £4 per stall, per day
  • up to 3x6m stalls trading for 1 to 15 days a year – £15 per stall, per day
  • up to 3x6m stalls trading for 16 to 60 days a year – £6 per stall, per day

Fees for stalls out of the town centre (outside the IDR)

  • up to 3x3m selling alcohol for 1 to 8 days a year – £129 per stall, per day
  • up to 3x3m not selling alcohol for 1 to 8 days a year – £98 per stall, per day
  • over 3x3m and under 3x6m, selling alcohol for 1 to 8 days a year – £206 per stall, per day
  • over 3x3m and under 3x6m, not selling alcohol for 1 to 8 days a year – £144 per stall, per day
  • 9 to 15 days – £26 per stall, per day
  • 16 to 45 days – £15 per stall, per day
  • 46 to 60 days – £8 per stall, per day

If your stall/trailer has any dimension greater than 6m or has dimensions over 3m x 6m, please contact the licensing team ( to discuss.

Direct Debit payments

Any street trading fee under £500 must be paid in full on application. Any fee greater than this may either be paid in full, or by a £500 deposit on application with the remaining amount paid by direct debit spread across 10 equal monthly payments, starting with the month after the consent is granted. The fee for paying via direct debit is £52.

Reading Festival

If you want to trade over the Reading Festival weekend (August Bank Holiday) you must apply before the second week in June using the occasional street trading consent application form.

If you want to sell alcohol you must ensure everyone working on your stall/van holds a personal licence.

Consultation period

Applications for street trading consent or occasional street trading consent will undergo a 28 day consultation period.

Pedlar’s Certificate

Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 Pedlars Act 1871

If you hold a valid Pedlar’s Certificate, you must ensure that you comply with the following:

You must not stop moving other than to serve a customer. Failure to keep moving means you will be street trading illegally and liable to prosecution or a fixed penalty notice of £75.
All articles used for trading must either be carried on your person or in a wheeled trolley which at no point exceeds 0.88 x 0.83 x 1.63 metres in height including the articles displayed.

Reading Borough Council and Thames Valley Police are taking active steps to ensure that all persons selling goods on the public highway do so within the law. This includes RBC parks, tow paths or any street or private area where the public have free and open access.

Activities of Pedlars will be monitored and formal action will be taken against persons found to be acting outside of the law. This may include a fixed penalty notice of £75 or prosecution.

If you want to apply for a Pedlar’s Certificate apply on the GOV.UK website.

Reading Borough Council Act 2013

The Reading Borough Council Act 2013 received Royal Assent on 28 February 2013. The stated purpose of the Act is for better control of street trading and touting in Reading. The Act amends the definition of ‘street trading’ in the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982, so that it includes purchasing or offering to purchase tickets for gain or rewards, as well as selling or offering to sell any item. “Ticket’ is defined as including anything required to gain entry to an entertainment or sporting event (such as wristbands, passes, etc). It is therefore now an offence to sell or purchase, or offer to sell or purchase, tickets or similar items in a street (which includes any road, footway or other area to which the public have access without payment). 

Information on the Reading Borough Council Act 2013 detailing the Act and the designated areas.