Deal with noise nuisance

You may be experiencing noise disturbance from your neighbour. However, not all noise is considered a nuisance and the team will be able to advise on this. To be a nuisance, the noise must be more than annoying or simply audible. It must significantly interfere with your enjoyment of your home and appear unreasonable to the average person. It is important to understand that noise nuisance investigations are about how you are affected. We will be unable to help without your co- operation and evidence. Some types of noise are more likely to be a nuisance, such as loud music and DIY noise. It is however very unlikely that we would be able to take action for normal domestic noise (for example people moving about in their own home, children playing, use of appliances etc…) or where there is poor sound insulation between dwellings. This is because we need to show the noise is being caused unreasonably.

In Reading this can be dealt with in two different ways. By the Antisocial Behaviour Team if reports of noise involve a tenant of Reading Borough Council and by the Environmental Protection Team for anyone else.

You can report noise nuisance to Reading Borough Council either direct to the Anti-Social Behaviour Team at:

The team will ask you to make recordings if you can using a Noise app or by completing diary sheets.

Alternatively, you can raise a case using the Noise App at the link below, which will come direct to the team to review, who will then contact you about your concerns.

The Noise App

For more information you can go to: Noise nuisance – Reading Borough Council

Last updated on 04/06/2024