Voids and lettings

Leaving your home

You are required to give 4 weeks’ full written notice starting on a Monday. Please complete and deliver to either your Housing Officer, or the Voids Team in the Civic Offices reception.

Give notice on a council property

On leaving your council property there are a number of areas to consider. Please read the checklist to ensure you are able to plan ahead and prevent any costs being recharged to you.

Death of a tenant

Whilst we appreciate that this is a difficult time, arrangements need to be made for the property keys to be returned to the Council.

What you need to do when a Council tenant dies.


Any outstanding repairs, cleaning invoices, removal of rubbish, storage or costs associated with tenant will be identified and recharged. Photos, housing specifications, inventories and other supporting information will be provided in line with the chargeable repairs policy with a breakdown of the charges.

Costs for some of the most common repairs and recharges.

Moving into a property

Relet standards – what to expect when you move in. It should also be returned in the same condition when leaving.

Details of the full re-let standard

If there are outstanding works to be completed after you move in this will be discussed during viewings.


If you require adaptations the Voids and Lettings Team will liaise with your occupational therapist, as part of your housing application to assess the most appropriate housing need.

Housing Adaptation Policy for Council Tenants

Local Lettings policies

Local Lettings policies have been developed to contribute towards community cohesion and sustainability within neighbourhoods. The objective of Local Lettings policies is to enable the development of balanced and sustainable communities.

People applying for housing on estates where Local Lettings policies are in place may be subject to the terms of the specific policy, for example the undertaking of Police checks. The policies are reviewed annually.

Local lettings policy for Conwy Close and Bevan Close

Local lettings policy for Stonewater – St Georges


Contact the Voids and Lettings Team on 0118 937 2628.

Last updated on 02/09/2021