Housing Online – Frequently Asked Questions

General information and advice

  • make a note of your password and memorable answer that you used to set up the account and keep them in a safe location
  • if you have an existing Homechoice application, it’s advised to use the same email address when registering for a Housing Online account
  • log in regularly to check when properties become available, and ensure your information is correct
  • you can browse available properties without logging by clicking the last button on the log in page “view Homechoice properties without logging in” – you will need to log in if you wish to place a bid

FAQs and troubleshooting

Forgotten passwords
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this by selecting “forgot password?” located on the log in page. You will then receive an email to the email account you have used to register, with a link to “Enter Memorable Answer” page.

Enter your memorable answer and click continue.

Enter a new password, confirm the new password and then click next.

You will then be redirected to the login page where you can log in using your new password.
Forgotten memorable answer
If you have forgotten your memorable question answer please email NEChousingapplicationsupport@reading.gov.uk who will request that the answer is updated, which will generate an email to you.

We anticipate that this will may take up to 2 working days.

You will then receive an email with a link. If you click on the link, you will be asked to choose a new memorable question and answer.
Error message: Login details are incorrect
If you receive an error advising that your log in details are incorrect, please try resetting your password before contacting us.

Please note, your account will be locked with 6 consecutive failed attempts for 5 minutes.
Error message: Unable to uniquely identify you from details given
If you are receiving this error message the information you are providing when you register does not match the information provided on your application form, such as the format of your name, your date of birth etc. Please check your information is accurate and if you are unsure please contact is to discuss on 01189 372172.

If you are receiving a message advising that you cannot be identified, or you continue to receive the message regarding incorrect log in details, please email us at NEChousingapplicationsupport@reading.gov.uk and we will look into the issue for you.
No verification email received
The link you are sent is only active for 1 hour so if you have not received this, please first check your spam/junk file to see if it is in there. If you still haven’t received the email within 1 hour you will need to restart the registration process again.
What to do if you’ve forgotten your email address
If you cannot remember the email address you used to register please contact NEChousingapplicationsupport@reading.gov.uk and we will email this to you within 2 working days.
Date formatting
The system uses the following format for all dates: dd-mmm-yyyyy. For example, 17 August 1980 needs to be entered as 17-aug-1980. There is normally a calendar icon which, when clicked, opens a calendar for you to choose the date from. We recommend that you use the calendar. If this is not possible, please ensure that the date is in the correct format including the hyphens (-).
Last updated on 26/06/2024