Reading Educational Play and Support

We encourage learning opportunities and social experiences through play. Children’s lives are enhanced by playing creatively, allowing for learning and development as individuals. We view play as a critical mechanism in supporting a child’s behaviour, educational resilience and confidence.

We believe play is crucial to children’s development, health and wellbeing. It also contributes a vital role in helping with a young person’s independent skills and happiness.

At Reading Play we can provide support in schools, out of school or at our Ranger Station facility. We aim to build a positive relationship with the young person and provide a fun, welcoming offer which will:

  • increase self-awareness, self-esteem and support with regulating behaviour
  • improve and maintain physical and mental health
  • give them the opportunity to socialise, interact and build life skills
  • give them access to new skills and opportunities at our Ranger Station
  • give them positive role model play
  • encourage inclusivity and provide opportunities to learn about environments and communities
  • playing and being outside can improve connections with our environment. It can allow young people to explore and understand nature, and through active play can build coordination skills and physical development.

Please check out the Reading Education guide for more details.

Events & activities

Please visit us at the Ranger Station at Prospect Park. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


If you would like to book a space with Reading Play for the holiday play club, please call 0118 937 2952 or contact us at for advice or further information.

Reading Play holiday play club bookings

Last updated on 11/06/2024