Frequently Asked Questions

What are Building Regulations?

The Building Regulations are a set of legal requirements for certain building works that ensure minimum health and safety criteria for all buildings. These are specified by the Building Regulations 2010. More information can be found on our about building control page.

Do my works need Building Regulations approval?

Not all works require building regulation approval. Large works such as new buildings, extensions to existing buildings, structural alterations and thermal upgrades do require building regulation approval. More information on exempt works can be found on the LABC Front Door – Building Control Exemptions.

How do I apply for Building Regulations approval?

To apply for building regulations approval you can complete the application forms found on our apply for building control page and submit these to us via post or email.

What type of application is best for me?

The type of application depends on how soon you intend to start works, what the works involve and what information/drawings/specifications are available. Details of the different types of applications and their use can be found on our apply for building control page.

How long is an application valid for?

Applications are valid for 3 years from the day it is validated.

How soon can I start works?

Works can start within 48 hours of the application being validated, however if you have submitted a full plans application we recommend waiting at least 8 weeks to start to allow for the plan checking process.

When do I need a site inspection?

The frequency and type of inspection depends on the works being undertaken. Examples of the expected stages can be found on our site inspections page and are included in the acknowledgement paperwork when your application has been validated.

How do I book a site inspection?

Site inspections can be booked via text, telephone, email or via the LABC Inspection App. Inspections must be booked by 3:00pm the working day before. Full details can be found on our booking site inspections page.

How do I request a quotation for Building Regulations approval?

You can complete our Quotation request form and email it to with any relevant supporting drawings/information.

What are your building control fees?

You can obtain a fee for works by submitting a Quotation request form or application form found on our apply for building control page. Most of our fees for common works are standard however more complex works will be subject to case-by-case quotation.

What are the typical costs for building work?

Examples of costs for certain works can be found on our apply for building control page. When you submit an application or quotation request, we will provide you with confirmation of the fees. Larger/more complex works will be quoted for if they do not fall in a standard fee category.

How do I obtain a completion certificate?

If you require a completion certificate for historic works, please send a request to with the address, application reference (if known) and the date of works. There is a fee for completion inspections on historic projects.

If your project is more recent you can email and we can confirm what remains outstanding before the certificate can be issued.

Do I need to notify you when works are completed?

Yes. This can be done by completing the Notice of Completion form and sending it to us via email or post. You will then need to contact us to arrange the completion inspection of the works.

What are my responsibilities as the property owner?

As the property owner you are responsible for the works complying with the regulations and ensuring that the designers and contractors you employ in relation to the works are suitably competent, experienced and equipped to undertake their role.

What is a connectivity plan and when is it required?

A connectivity plan is required where you are building at least one new dwelling. It shows the entry point for the internet connection to the property as required by Part R of the building regulations.

Connectivity plans can be obtained from Openreach.

Can you recommend builders/engineers/architects?

We are unable to recommend trades people, structural engineers or architects.

You, as the building owner, will need to ensure that you have thoroughly researched the builder/architect/engineer you wish to employ to ensure they are competent and qualified to undertake the proposed works.

Last updated on 09/05/2024