Digital parking permits

We are introducing digital parking permits.  These permits are electronic and can be identified by scanning the vehicle registration number plates. It means you will not have to display a physical permit on your windscreen.

There are many advantages of the digital system:

  • environmental benefits of not producing paper permits
  • digital permits cannot be copied or altered
  • permits cannot be lost or stolen
  • Penalty Charge Notices will no longer be issued when a driver has forgotten to display a permit or it has fallen from the windscreen
  • you can change any account details immediately
  • reminders will be sent before a permit expires

Visitor scratch cards and carer permits will continue to be posted.

Common questions

What does this mean for me as a resident in Reading?

You will be able to apply for a digital resident permit. The permit will not be delivered to your address, as they are virtual.

From 1 November if you already hold a valid paper resident permit, you will no longer need to display this in your vehicle.

Visitor scratch cards will continue apart from in Zone 02R (Lower Caversham).

Do I need an email address?

Yes you must apply online.

What if I or someone I know can’t apply online?

If you cannot apply online, you can still use the paper-based version of the system by applying how you normally would outside of the trial. Visit the apply for or renew a parking permit page.

How will I know when my resident permit is due to expire?

We will email you a reminder 4 weeks before your permit expires. You can always check your permit status by logging into your account at any time.

If you have an existing parking permit, an account has been created for you with your current parking permit details. This is linked to the email address that was used to create the existing permit.

Use the ‘Forgotten your password’ link to reset your own password for the account to review your current permit details and manage your parking.

Do I have to provide proof on renewals?

We aim to introduce this with minimal impact. At this time, you will not have to provide proof of address or vehicle to enable renewals, as per the existing scheme.

How will I know if a vehicle outside my home has a permit?

There will not be a process to check if a vehicle does or does not have a permit due to data protection rules.

Unless displaying a visitor scratch card, no cars will be required to display a paper resident permit. If you believe a vehicle is not a resident or a visitor to another house in the zone then you are able to report an illegally parked vehicle.

How can I report an illegally parked vehicle?
How will the visitor permits work from 13 March in Zone 02R (Lower Caversham)?

Visitor permits in Zone 02R will be allocated 120 credits from 13 March. Each parking credit is one hour, and will be deducted from your total.

Each household is entitled to 2 free packs of visitor permits and up to 5 charged packs.

How to order scratchcard packs

How to book visitor permit sessions

  1. Existing packs and transition:
    • If you ordered visitor permit packs before 13 March, they will become inactive.
    • Starting from 13 March, you will receive new packs that allow hourly booking.
    • These fresh packs grant you credits regardless of your prior usage.
    • For example, if you had 2 free packs, you’ll receive an equivalent number of free packs. The same applies if you had a mix of free and paid packs.
    • If your existing packs were already used up, you won’t receive new ones.
    • Bookings made for visitors arriving after 13 March will remain valid.
  2. Applying for visitor permits:
    • Each household is entitled to two free packs of visitor permits and up to five charged packs.
    • One pack contains 120 credits, with each credit equal to one hour.
    • Visitor sessions can now be booked hourly instead of using an 8-hour block.
    • Log into your account to apply for visitor packs.
  3. Booking a visitor session:
    • Once your pack is issued, log in and go to ‘My Bookings’.
    • Select the number of credits, enter the date, start time, and vehicle registration.
    • The system will update the expiry time for you.
  4. Understanding credits:
    • Each credit equals one hour.
    • 120 credits correspond to 120 hours.
  5. Confirmation and reminders:
    • You won’t receive an email confirmation for booked visitor sessions.
    • However, you can view booked sessions in ‘My Bookings’.
    • Set a reminder for your visitor permit session under ‘Actions’.
  6. Ordering more credits:
    • If you’ve used one pack and more are available, apply for additional packs.
    • Follow the link to ‘Apply for a Permit’.
  7. Mistakes and amendments:
    • Unfortunately, once a session is confirmed, you can’t amend vehicle registration or start date/time.
  8. How can I order physical permits instead of digital permits?
    • Please email to enquire about switching to a physical permit book of scratch cards instead. The team will check availability.

Provide feedback on the new digital visitor permit process in Zone 02R

Last updated on 14/03/2024