Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Our Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) is a sub-strategy to the Reading Transport Strategy 2036 and is used by the Council and its partners.  

This is a wide-ranging plan, covering all aspects of the management, maintenance and improvement of the Public Rights of Way network to meet the current and future needs of the public.

We published our first ROWIP in November 2007. Download our current plan here : Rights of Way Improvement Plan.

We are currently reviewing and updating our ROWIP to ensure that our network is kept up-to-date, well maintained, better integrated in the overall transport network, provides a better experience for its users, and encourages more use for walking and cycling.

As part of the update of our ROWIP we carried out a consultation for local organisations and residents to have their say on Reading’s Public Rights of Way Network, to explain how they use the network, identify any barriers and suggest enhancements to the network.

We also asked about their thoughts on using shared paths for walking and cycling, their rating of our ROWIP priorities and about historic rights of way that were not recorded as part of the network.

Reading’s Public Rights of Way Consultation ran during June and July 2021 and we received more than 200 responses.

You can find an introduction and high-level summary of the results in the Public Rights of Way – Consultation Results Report along with detailed results and charts. The feedback and the results from the consultation will be used to update our ROWIP.

Further information on Reading’s Public Rights of Way.