Directorates and departments

Reading Borough Council is made up of three main groups called directorates, and our Children’s Services company Brighter Futures for Children. Each directorate has lots of departments and teams within them, all with different responsibilities. In a large organisation like the council, this means work can be carried out more efficiently. Explore the job roles each of our directorates have to offer using the links below.

Directorate of Communities and Adult Social Care

Join us in providing housing solutions, supporting public health and wellbeing, working with care providers and the voluntary sector to help shape the Reading community.

Directorate of Economic Growth and Neighbourhood Services

Help us to create a greener environment, improve our public transport, maintain roads, carry out bin collections and contribute to Reading’s culture and leisure services.

Directorate of Resources

Join us in enhancing communication, customer services and corporate operations. Work with us in finance, HR, legal, IT, revenue, and procurement roles to help the council and Reading community thrive.

Brighter Futures for Children

Brighter Futures for Children is a not-for-profit company, owned by, but independent of, Reading Borough Council. They deliver all children’s services in Reading.