What does the council do?

Here at Reading Borough Council, we are committed in helping Reading continue to thrive and grow, so it remains a culturally rich and diverse place to live and work. It’s our responsibility to complete everyday tasks as well as make big decisions that shape our community and drive Reading forwards. 

You’ll already be familiar with some of the most visible services we provide such as bin collections, street cleaning and maintaining our roads, but there’s so much more to life at the Council. For example, we:

  • Maintain more than 100 parks and open spaces – mowing the grass, tending plants and trees and maintaining equipment 
  • Look after streets and neighbourhoods, emptying more than 25,000 bins a day and maintaining 18,500 streetlights and illuminated signs 
  • Process over 700 planning applications a year, including major developments
  • Work with partners to create community programmes celebrating our rich history and heritage, including Reading Abbey 
  • Deliver high quality education and training for adults through New Directions
  • Provide local library services both in person and online
  • Provide Housing Benefit and Council Tax support, giving advice and support for residents and businesses through the current cost of living crisis
  • Help people to live independently at home for as long as possible and providing more than 37,000 homecare hours per month
  • Rent up to 7,000 homes to tenants at an affordable rate helping to prevent risk of homelessness in over 450 households a year

We’re working hard to make Reading greener by 2030. We’re investing in local building projects, new council housing and homes for the elderly and vulnerable adults. We’re strong, we’re ambitious and we support and stand up for our community.

Our aim is to make things fairer for everyone living and working in Reading – we want everyone to benefit from our town’s success. We’ll achieve this by working together, focusing on three themes outlined in our corporate plan: a healthy environment, thriving communities and an inclusive economy.

Jobs at Reading Borough Council

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Last updated on 12/06/2024