Local Plan Partial Update

We are undertaking a partial update of the Reading Local Plan. The existing Local Plan was adopted in November 2019. It sets out planning policies and proposals to guide decisions on planning application up to 2036. Local authorities need to review their Local Plans every five years. A review carried out in March 2023 has identified a need to carry out a Local Plan Partial Update.

The partial update will include about half the policies in the Local Plan. It will include policies that identify the level of development for uses such as housing and employment and almost all site allocation policies.

The first stage of this partial update process is that we are asking for sites to be nominated for inclusion in the updated Local Plan.

If you want to nominate more than one site, please complete a separate form for each site. There are separate forms for development/change of use and other designations.

Nominate a site (development or change of use)

Nominate a site (other designation)

If a site is already allocated in the Local Plan and there is no plan to change the allocation, you do not need to nominate it. We will review sites already allocated as part of the process in any case.

For development sites for housing, please note we do not intend to include sites with the Local Plan unless they can provide at least 10 houses or flats. We also plan to use a cut-off of 1,000 square metres for commercial development. There are too many potential sites below this threshold to assess and such sites will not contribute to meeting Reading’s housing needs. This does not stop you proposing these sites for development through the normal planning process.

Please ensure you have submitted any nominations by 5pm on Thursday 8 June 2023.

Last updated on 27/04/2023