Changing your vehicle or moving

If you have an account set up, you can log into your account.

If you have not set up an account, contact the permit team on 0118 937 3767 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm) to arrange for your permit to be cancelled or transferred.

Change of vehicle

If you have a new vehicle, log into your account online service. You can add the new vehicle and then change the new vehicle in the bookings section to be active on your permit. You will need to upload proof of ownership of your new vehicle. Change a vehicle guide.

Proof of ownership of the vehicle

If you own the vehicle, provide one proof of vehicle ownership which must show your name, address and vehicle registration. This can be a current insurance document or a DVLA Registration document (V5C).

If you are not the owner of the vehicle (e.g. company vehicle, lease car, rental car only) you will need to provide both of the following documents.

  • a letter from your employer on headed paper or a copy of the lease, showing your name, address and vehicle registration
  • a current insurance document to show you are insured to use the vehicle

You may apply for a temporary permit while we process your application.


  • Log into your account to request cancellation of all permits
  • Cancellation of your permits will be immediate
  • If you are moving to another Reading parking zone, update your new address details and apply for a permit at the new address. If you are unable to provide proofs for a resident’s permit you may apply for a temporary permit.

We are unable to issue permits to new occupiers of your former home unless we know you have moved out; this includes if you are moving within the same parking zone.

If you are the second permit holder you may apply to transfer the fee from your old to your new address or apply for a refund.

Last updated on 01/11/2023