Parking permit scheme

Our parking permit scheme prioritises parking for residents, businesses and their visitors. Parking is limited to permit holders within these controlled parking zones. This helps to prevent commuter parking and makes it easier to find a parking space close to your address. Any vehicles parked in contravention of the rules of the highway may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Who can get a permit 

Residents in controlled parking zones can apply for up to two residents’ permits.  

Find your parking permit zone

Check that your household is included in the parking zones

Businesses in controlled parking zones can apply for one business permit

Both residents’ and businesses can apply for visitor permits (for short-term visits from friends and family) and a range of permits for landlords, tradespeople and healthcare professionals. See all permit types here.  

Where you can park with a permit 

Your parking permit can only be used within your controlled parking zone. Your permit does not guarantee a space, such as one in front of your house. Spaces cannot be reserved. Permits are only valid in on-street resident permit bays.

Who cannot get a permit 

In some instances, residents within a controlled parking zone will not automatically be eligible for a residents’ permit. These include: 

  • Households with a planning condition and/or informative. New housing developments often have ‘permit free’ conditions as part of their planning approval. Once a development has been approved with a permit-free condition, this cannot be changed. It is the developer and/or your landlord’s responsibility to make you aware of this condition when you buy or rent a property. Residents can apply for a discretionary permit. 
  • Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) will only be considered for 2 residents’ permits for the whole property. 
  • Households in a prior approved property. These are properties that need approval from the council to carry out work such as large rear extensions or adding additional storeys. Residents can apply for a discretionary permit. 
  • Properties with a certificate of lawful use may only be considered for 2 resident permits for the whole development. For example, a household converted into 11 households would only have 2 permits issued between them. 
  • Households that have no planning permission are not entitled to resident/visitor permits. 
  • There is no automatic entitlement to permits if you spend most of your time at another address. To apply for a resident permit you must reside at the permit address at least 4 nights a week.

Some residents’ parking zones allow for limited waiting parking for non-permit holders. The times that non-permit holders can park will differ depending on the area they wish to park in. Please check signage for the hours that the limited parking bay can be used.

Last updated on 03/05/2023